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REVIEW | ‘Yellow’ is both a hit and a miss


PLAYLIST Global’s 2017 web series ‘Yellow‘ tells the tale of a tight-knit indie garage band and their charismatic tag-along photographer. This short series lasts for around 2 hours and features a couple of familiar faces.

Main Cast:

  • Ji Ye-eun as Jo Sooah, the photographer for the band
  • Kim Do-wan as Nam Jihoon, the singer and lead guitarist
  • Kim Ye-ji as Lee Yeorum, Jihoon’s ex
  • Kim Kwan-soo as Song Taemin, the rhythm guitarist
  • Kim Hae-woo as Ja Pi, the drummer
  • Lee Se-jin as Park Dongwoo, the bassist
(Left to Right)
Top Row: Ji Ye-eun, Kim Do-wan, Kim Ye-ji
Bottom Row: Kim Kwan-soo, Kim Hae-woo, Lee Se-jin


The story begins with the break up of characters Jihoon and and Yeorum, initiated by the latter. She explains that her situation with her at her new job is overwhelming and his clingy behavior towards her makes it harder for her to focus. It doesn’t help that they have completely different lifestyles (and this is something that’s brought up often, and is actually one of the main reasons for the breakup).

Yeorum is a by-the-books kind of person – she’s organized, has a clear goal in life, and is on a steady path where everything’s been planned out by her for the sake of her future.

Jihoon, on the other hand, is a much more carefree and easygoing person. He doesn’t know what the future has in store for him and spends much of his time with his band ‘Yellow‘ (no one saw that coming) that are still attempting to put a foot down and make a name for themselves. With this breakup, they both go their separate ways, Yeorum seemingly tired of the relationship and Jihoon left alone to pick up the pieces of his broken heart by himself.

With that emotional roller-coaster of an opening, we’re taken into the main plot for Yellow, which is a little bit about Jihoon, but also Sooah. Oh but hey, Yeorum’s here too! Wait, and Japi? Taemin’s got something going on too. Why’s it feel like I’m missing something, or someone? Oh yeah, Dongwoo… Dongwoo and his.. approx. 3 lines of dialogue (Don’t quote me on this).

My take on Yellow:

The premise of ‘Yellow‘ seems promising but falls short with its delivery and execution. The story tears you in multiple different directions and leaves you with a half-baked product at the end. Not to say it’s completely devoid of any sensibility or enjoyment; On the contrary, the show has its moments that make you forget that you have no idea what’s happening or what direction it’s going in.

The show starts new plot-lines or goes in-depth into a secret struggle that one of the cast faces – which, while much appreciated, falls incredibly short when you’re watching a 10 episode series that takes around 8 minutes per episode. We’re thrown vague and rushed sub-plots every episode, only to have it snatched and never elaborated upon again.

Personally, the OST was the biggest driving force of the show. Even if you don’t plan on watching Yellow, I’d definitely recommend listening to the OST – especially the one by Wetter, which was used at Yellow’s performance song.

The Verdict:

If I had to rate Yellow, I’d give it a solid ‘5’ out of 10. While it’s not the best thing in the world, it’s certainly not the worst. I would absolutely recommend checking out the OST, regardless of whether or not you’re watching the show.

Want to check it out? You can do so here, on the official PlayList Global Channel:


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