The South Korean entertainment industry seems to be on an alert over rising COVID-19 cases among fellow industry mates.

Over the past weeks, South Korea has been reporting over 1000 COVID-19 cases on a daily basis. The greater Seoul area has emerged as the virus hot spot due to continued infections in various settings. While several singers, actors, and other artists otherwise have also tested positive for COVID-19.


On July 20, SPOTV News reported EXID member Hani had tested positive for COVID-19 after a staff tested positive. Hani had immediately used self-test kits and after testing positive, she received a confirmed diagnosis through a PCR test. Hani had recently been in the process of filming for JTBC’s upcoming drama “IDOL: The Coup”. The filming will temporarily be postponed.

On July 19, SBS officials confirmed that the drama “Racket Boys will shortly be taking a break from filming after one of the assistant actors who participated in filming on July 16 [got] tested for COVID-19 as an asymptomatic patient on July 17 and was later confirmed positive on July 18.

All actors and staff, including officials from the agency, are being tested for COVID-19. And after all the cast and staff have been confirmed to be negative, they will resume filming in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

On Saturday, Cube Entertainment reported their k-pop boy group BTOB member Lee Min Hyuk confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.

Lee Min Hyuk had found out that his vocal coach tested positive for the coronavirus, due to which he conducted two polymerase chain reaction tests and the results came out negative for both. However, it was only until Friday under quarantine he started showing symptoms.

According to the agency, Lee Min Hyuk started coughing and having a fever on Friday. Hence, he went back to taking the PCR test again at a public health center. And on Saturday he was confirmed to test positive.

The company also stated that he is taking necessary measures according to the quarantine guidelines of the health authorities, and we will do our best for his fast recovery.


Earlier the same week, YG Entertainment reported two members of their boy group TREASURE Doyoung and Junghwan also tested positive for COVID-19.

Doyoung’s test results came back positive on Tuesday, while Junghwan’s were negative at the time. However, while Junghwan was under quarantine, he tested positive for COVID-19 using self-test kits. And on Saturday, a positive PCR test confirmed his diagnosis.

The company reported other TREASURE members and staff who with the group have all tested negative.

Trot Singer Jang Min-Ho, who rose to stardom after appearing on TV Chosun’s audition program “Mr. Trot,” was confirmed to have been infected by the virus as well.

On Saturday, New Era Project, Jang’s agency reported that all other staff and employees who had come in contact with Jang will be tested and that they would take all necessary measures.

Jang had come into contact with Olympic gold medalist Park Tae-Hwan, who tested COVID-19 positive on Friday, during their earlier appearance on TV Chosun‘s variety show “Ppong School.”

While other top contestants of “Mr. Trot” who appeared on the show with Jang, including Lim Young-Woong, Young Tak, Lee Chan-Won, Kim Hee-Jae, and Jung Dong-Won, have all tested negative of COVID-19.

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We wish for everyone’s speedy recovery and good health.

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