Neverland is blessed with (G)I-DLE’s highly anticipated mini album ‘I Burn’

On January 11, (G)I-DLE released ‘I Burn’, which is the fourth extended play of their “I” series. It has been almost a year since they released their last mini album “I trust” (2020). Being a self producing band they have always been ambitious and never failed to commit to their concepts. (G)I-DLE continues to stretch the boundaries of K-pop with their latest release. 


Comeback single ‘HWAA’

‘HWAA somewhat translates to ‘Fire Flower’ being true to the concept of the EP. It is undeniably one of their best songs till date. The background seems to be playing string instruments and wind sound effects, which successfully transports us to a fantasy land. The blossoming of flowers amidst the fire is a metaphorical symbol of self growth and possibly finding acceptance after parting ways from love. The music video is beautiful to say the least and it totally does justice to the heavily visual based play of KPOP. 

I Burn 4th Mini Album

About the album ‘I Burn’

(G)I-DLE might not be everyone’s cup of tea given the heavily stylized concepts that fall short on the song writing part. But, ‘I Burn’ packs up all the extravagant orchestral instrumentals in addition to pop and EDM drops. We are totally in it, for this experimenting with genres. There is definitely something quite refreshing about being musically daring. 

The EP’s title track “HANN (Alone in winter)” has been reworked from their 2018 single. The fusion genre and theatrical MV of “HWAA” reflects a matured understanding towards bittersweet endings. Courtesy of the music and their mesmerizing voices MOON” takes a haunting yet an enchanting approach. On the other hand, “LOST” is a melancholic track with upbeat tunes. Personally, “Where is Love” is an alright song, but fails to make a mark and gets lost amongst the other tracks. The buoyant love song “DAHLIA” sees to it that the EP is not all about breakups.

The members contributed largely in the writing process with leader Soyeon working on three songs, Minnie bagged two and Yuqi managed one too. 

(G)I-DLE once again manages to leave their mark as one of the ambiguous Kpop artists. The latest release from the group has been their best so far and is totally giving us a reason to await their next creative projects.


  1. HANN (Alone in Winter)
  2. HWAA
  3. MOON
  4. Where is Love
  5. LOST


Image: Teen Vogue

Video: (G)I-DLE

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