RabidAnce start their musical journey with a ‘Thank You’

If you are familiar with the classical-pop crossover scene in the Korean music industry, Phantom Singer is one show you will know. Aiming to create unique crossover vocal quartets, this show has brought forth many singers from various backgrounds through three seasons so far.

One such quartet is the Season 3 runner-up RabidAnce. A few months after winding up Phantom Singer 3, RabidAnce made its official debut on 9th November, with a single ‘Thank You’.

The World Needs People Who Care:

RabidAnce Debut ‘Thank You

Paired with the music video, ‘Thank You‘ is much more than a simple word of gratitude. It is a story of the butterfly effect of small gestures, touching upon many themes especially relevant in today’s age. RabidAnce brings their voices together in this first studio record to sing as someone who had lost the intent to live, thanking the person that helped them see things differently through kindness.

The music video features 3 characters – a homeless old man with nothing but a stroller to carry his minimal possessions, a single father who struggles to make ends meet for his child, and his daughter, who carries around her own little emptiness. The day she offers her food to the old man on the street, a chain reaction is set off, bringing a breeze of spring into all their lives – a fresh start.

Crossover of Classical, Pop and Empathy:

‘Thank You’ Hand-Written Lyrics

RabidAnce uses their unique vocal mix – a classical bass, a pop-musical artist, a classical tenor and a Pansori vocalist – to their advantage in ‘Thank You‘. The instrumental arrangement is akin to a String Quintet seen in classical recitals, composed of 2 Violins, a viola, a cello and a Contrabass paired with a Piano to set a sympathetic mood throughout. The song itself can be compared to the modern day ballads seen in pop music.

Each of their voices shines individually, building up to an intense chorus. RabidAnce retains their signature harmonization in key places throughout the song. Together with the orchestral blend of instruments and a touching story in the MV, ‘Thank You‘ is definitely something that will leave you with a heavy heart and a sense of warmth at the same time.

Thank You‘ is written by Kang Woo Gyeong and composed by Yoo Hae Joon. The music video is directed by Studio Achilles, known for directing many commercials and music videos for artists like Huh Gak and Kim Nayoung.

Do You Know RabidAnce?

RabidAnce is a classical-pop crossover vocal quartet formed in the third season of Phantom Singer. It consists of members Kim Paul (Bass), John Noh (Tenor), Ko YeongYeol (Pansori vocalist) and Hwang GunHa (Pop/Musical actor). They are the runner-up team of season 3, presently signed with Happy Tribe Entertainment.

The team name RabidAnce is a portmanteau of ‘Rabid’ and ‘Guidance’, and the team aims to lead their audience to the world of rabid music. ‘Thank You’ is RabidAnce’s debut single, out as a pre-release for their upcoming album (TBA)

The song is available on Spotify and YouTube Music.

RabidAnce Debut Single ‘Thank You’ Music Video


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