On 25 Aug 2020, solo artist BoA from SM Entertainment celebrated her 20th debut anniversary. Her journey until now is well deserved to be celebrated for her contribution to the Korean music industry. To celebrate the same our team of writers decided to write small personal pieces about BoA and the song that made an impact in our life howsoever.


BoA, well it’s not like I was into K-pop when she debuted and I didn’t see her early era but you just can not know about BoA in K-pop. She is a legend, someone who opened the gates of Japan’s music industry for K-pop at such a young age it’s unbelievable. BoA is not just a K-pop idol but she is an inspiration to many but what is it that makes me like BoA? I’ll say it’s her dancing skills. She is flawless at what she does and her moves are smooth as silk and sharp as a blade. Her choreography from her song “Women” where she does the airwalk while her head facing the ground held by back up dancers were mind-blowing, that body control is definitely praiseworthy. It’s amazing how its the 20th anniversary of BoA, all I can say is she is truly a legend and I wish her a happy 20th Anniversary.

BoA – Woman


The first music that I ever heard of BoA was ‘Only One’ in the early 2000s, it was such an iconic song then, and is still relevant amongst many. Her dancing skill is what attracted me in the first place from the song, making my young self continue pursuing dance, well however, life is somewhere else now (no regrets). As a solo artist, she has thrived throughout the years. Her versatility in music amazes to me till date. Another song of hers which I happened to discover later was ‘No. 1’; she indeed is the No. 1, the most respected artist in the Korean music industry. I was just fresh out of high school and YouTube became a part of everyday life, finding music became much easier, the internet became faster, unlike previously where I had to go download her songs/music videos in an internet café or ask someone do it for me (laughs). A few more of my favourite songs of her would-be – ‘Who Are You’ feat. Gaeko, and ‘Disturbance

BoA – Only One
BoA – Who Are You feat. Gaeko
BoA – Disturbance


I have to admit, right from the start, I am not a huge fan of BoA. Never got into following her music. On the other hand, it would be highly ignorant of me to not acknowledge how incredibly talented and iconic she is. She has single-handedly influenced several female and male k-pop idols alike, and SM Entertainment owes a lot to BoA. Choosing ‘Woman’ wasn’t hard to pick as one of my favourite songs. It’s a powerful, artistic criticism towards society, and not to mention women-centric, something that the Korean entertainment industry frowns upon. The song also made me want to strut in heels more often than necessary. She empowers women to redefine their own beauty standards imposed on them. ‘Woman’ allowed many listeners, like me, to feel more comfortable in their own skin. This isn’t her first single about female empowerment; it’s a topic that she has directed and owned in K-pop and encouraged many to follow. As we approach her 20th Debut Anniversary, I find strength in knowing that she has never lost her confidence nor been discouraged to keep advocating for women’s rights. BoA is timeless and I hope she hits another decade or several.

BoA – Woman


I happened to discover BoA’s songs while checking out a list of top songs in the 2000s. A small snippet of BoA’s No.1” was played in the list and that got me super curious. Being a fan of pop songs from the early 2000s the song felt super nostalgic and caught on immediately. Before I knew it, I was listening to more of BoA’s songs and researching about her.

No.1” was one of the songs that made BoA a hit in South Korea and Japan. She was even called the Britney Spears of K-pop.“No.1” is a simple romance song with beats that rocked during the early 2000s. Her elegance and cuteness, the outfits, and her smile in the music video won my teen heart.

BoA – No. 1


The spiritual predecessor of Taemin’s ‘WANT’. If you haven’t heard this yet… what are you doing? This modern space-disco bop released in 2017 along with her ‘ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT’ mini-album is an absolute must-listen for pop fans all over the world. The production, her vocals, the insanely hard choreography, and the stunning music video – a convolution of moving abstract art – all make for one sweet package. The queen definitely did not come to play, and cements exactly WHY she’s arguably one of the (if not THE) strongest solo artists currently active in the industry. It’s truly a marvel to see how BoA has been able to adapt to and define industry trends and keep her audience entertained and wanting more, without burning out; which is a huge obstacle in this fast-paced, dynamic industry.



ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT’ is the title track from BoA’s EP of the same name, that came out during early 2018. The song has elements from every genre I personally prefer- Chill-Hop, EDM, as well as Pop. This was one of the songs that I heard from BoA, since it was this period that I was getting deeper into the K-Music industry. Although I was aware of the status BoA holds in the industry, this came as a surprise since the song was so refreshing and mature at the same time. It remained in my playlist for quite some time. It’s hard to keep up the quality of your music as well as keeping up with the trends, but she did just that. Queen for a reason!



BoA’s Valenti‘ is a perfect masterpiece from the early 2000s. This song has strong vocals, deep electro-synth, and a subtle violin with pre-chorus having a string portion making a perfect melody. The music effects include basic reverb and whisper.

The song lyrics talk about strong one-sided love that BoA wants to fulfill. She presents various notions so as to why she is the one for her crush, from saying that she was born to love them to steal their heart, BoA will keep going on and relentlessly keep on loving.

“You are my dream”

BoA – Valenti

The song’s set up and music video shots will also give us the perfect nostalgia of the music videos of the Y2K era. From camera movements to wind blowing the hair back, a perfect reminiscence 2000 is preserved in it. 

BoA – Valenti



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