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‘Wind’ of separation in Cho Mingyu’s 2nd Single

Cho Mingyu Forestella Wind 바람

Forestella’s Cho Mingyu made his solo comeback with a new single album titled ‘Wind’. Released on 6th April 2021, ‘Wind’ follows his 1st single album ‘신세계 (New Age)’ which came out in February last year.
The new album is made up of 3 tracks – the title track <Wind>, a Piano version, and an Instrumental version of it. A Live clip accompanies this as a music video.

Picking up from the melodic mood of ‘Raya’ – the title track of his first single, ‘Wind‘ continues in the theme of personifying elements of nature. While ‘Raya’ called upon the sun, moon, and stars to paint a picture of a magical new world, the new single draws parallels between the wind and one’s parted, lover. From this comparison are built various metaphors that fill up the entirety of the song. It sings of the grief for a person that can’t be reached, and a love that can’t be forgotten.

Cho Mingyu ‘바람 (Wind)’ – Live Clip

The video is a simple set-up with minimal decor and a colour palette that gives autumn feel – White and Ivory curtains surround a hurting soul in a dark suit, and gently shake in place as if absorbing every note that flows from the bereaved person’s heart. Mingyu’s tenor displays his ability to sing with firmness and fragility at the same time.

<Wind> is written and composed by Ahn Ye-Eun of JMG Publishing (DoubleX Entertainment). The title track is arranged by STRBC who has previously arranged for Ahn Ye-Eun. The Piano version is arranged by Hwang Sung-Je who worked with Mingyu for ‘Raya’ last year. While the main song has a strong and powerful ‘Oriental’ feel to it, the piano version creates a different atmosphere, more toned down and warmer. Seo Mirae has directed the vocals for both versions of the song.

Cho Mingyu ‘바람 (Wind)’ Piano Version

Even within the confines of the few compact yet poetic lines of the lyrics, the song travels from a beautiful celebration of love, to the desperation of parting, to denial and finally to the acceptance of loss. Notable is that these phases are conveyed not through words but through the blend of arrangement and expressions of the singing voice.

The album is a part of Mingyu’s solo activities outside his group, Forestella. The members are known to actively support each others’ solo career. And Mingyu made sure to express his love to them in a ‘Thank you’ message he posted on his Instagram. “My members who listened to the song and gave your feedback, I love you” he said.

Forestella is also expected to make a comeback with their 3rd album, around the middle of this year. Meanwhile, you can listen to Cho Mingyu’s 2nd Single album ‘Wind’ on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Videos and Cover Image courtesy of Interpark Entertainment

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