Weki Meki teaches us the “Cool” “New Rules”!

Weki Meki released their 4th mini album “NEW RULES” on the 8th of October. The album has five tracks including  “COOL”, “Sweet Dreams”, “D-DAY”, “우리라는 이유” (Just Us) and “100 FACTS”. An official music video for their title “COOL” was also released on their official Youtube Channel. 

Watch the official music video here!

Delving deep in “COOL”!


Right off the bat, the music video portrays Weki Meki’s girl crush concept. Various elements are being used to portray their strong images such as them on a lavish dining table, standing on high pedestals with the focused spotlight.

All the arrows point in one direction, Weki Meki are free and confident ladies who always have it their way!


Music starts with a strong and radical baseline. The rap and chorus arrangement adds a hint of pop. It encompasses the charm of Pop, the radicalness of Hip-hop and the vividness of EDM. The elements such as whistle and brassy strings act as a key element in binding the song with the concept.

The chorus is the most interesting piece among the entire song. It trickles from a soft bridge into a sharp pop effortlessly. Weki Meki has done a great job harnessing the girl crush concept and transcending that into vocals.

Weki Meki has also recorded the song “COOL” in English and added in the tracklist as “100 FACTS“.


It talks about how Weki Meki sets the rules for themselves and these become new rules for everyone. The one who makes the way will always have people following behind. The song is a take on how everyone is allowed to able to define what is “COOL” for them.

날 보고 첫마디가 Cool Cool Cool
(The first thing people say when they see me is cool cool cool)
얌전히 따라가지 않아
(I don’t just quietly follow along)
내가 만들어가 New rules
(I make my own new rules) 
내 안은 흥미로 가득 찬 호기심
 (Curiosity and interest fill me up)

COOL – WekiMeki

Listen to their full album “NEW RULES” on spotify! 

Music, Video and Image Courtsey – Fantagio Music

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