WEi make a fiery return in ‘All or Nothing’ for their first comeback

On 24 February 2021, boy-group WEi made a fierce return with ‘All or Nothing’. This marks their first official comeback as the group debuted on 5 October 2020 with ‘Twilight’. The song is featured on their second mini-album, Identity: Challenge, continuing their Identity album series. The leader, Jang Daehyeon, co-composed the title track, along with producing team Stupid Squad. He also wrote it with members Kang Seokhwa and Kim Donghan.

The song’s melody is a hybrid trap, generic at first but fits their fierce image. Moreover, their lyrics are still pretty unique as compared to the ongoing trend of increasingly passionate Kpop concepts. The chorus references a traditional Korean board game, Yut Nori, as they sing “Throw your yut / Bring it on (we’re right)”. It exudes confidence and motivation as they showcase a powerful choreography. The visuals of the video are stunning with dynamic sets and the team performs at their best. The rapping is on point as well as their vocals. All the members already have years of experience in an active Kpop group so it’s not surprising that they were so bold in their comeback.

Check out WEi’s ‘All or Nothing’ here –

WEi – All or Nothing

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