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Watch the Snowfall with Jimin’s ‘Christmas Love’

Everyone deserves a little christmas miracle, and BTS’s Jimin is here to deliver. On christmas eve, the singer dropped a surprise single ‘Christmas Love’  on Soundcloud and Youtube. The release was unexpected and took the fans by storm. 

Jimin participated in the production of the song along with RM, and Slow Rabbit

Jimin captures the nostalgia, that has been hitting us all hard lately, in this song. 

The song describes the absolute feeling of wonder that Jimin felt when he gazed at the large snowflakes piling up on the road, covering everything in their white serenity. Since then, every Christmas has been a reminder of that childlike wonder, with him wishing to go back to those days.

He tries to convey his overflowing emotions of nostalgia, hope, and giddiness through the song. He says that the only thing that has changed since childhood is his maturity, he still has the same mischief and childish joy. 

 try running as fast as I can, like that child over there
I feel like flying up in the sky over those clouds
If someone were to hear my story,
would you please pause the time as is 

Christmas Love Translated lyrics

The song starts off with sleigh bells, followed by a catchy jingle with Jimin’s vocals mixing with the instrumental effortlessly. The song has a hot chocolate near the fireplace kind of feel, full of comfort and warmth making it quintessential for a holiday playlist. 

Along with the song, Jimin also shared a letter with the fans. Through his letter he gives a little behind the scenes of the song, sharing his inspiration and meaning behind it. He talks about how the song falls short of what all he wanted to convey. He ends the letter with an endearing message, saying “You all deserve to be always loved. I hope you can return to the past that you reminisce about for a moment after listening to this song.”

Listen to the song here –

Christmas Love by Jimin of BTS

Image/Audio Courtesy: Big Hit Entertainment

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