VERIVERY released their mini-album “FACE us” on 13 October 2020. The album includes six tracks “G.B.T.B.”, “MY FACE”, “Get Outta My Way”, “Hold me tight” and “Thank you, NEXT?”The title is of the album is “G.B.T.B.” which is the short form of “Go Beyond The Barrier”. The song “Thank you, Next?” is only available in the physical CDs.  

The Concept of “FACE us”! 

FACE us” album is the third episode in the “FACE it” series after “FACE me” and “FACE you”. 

The third episode of the 2020 VERIERY ‘FACE it’ series, [FACE US] has arrived with the story of a whole new world, created by ‘us’ who are built with the connection between ‘me’ and ‘you’. 


VERIVERY has raised the bar with the high quality-music and performance in the video. Illustrating various changes in music through choreography, they seem to attain the pivotal point for the style of music they might want to pursue. The “FACE us” album contributes and corresponds to a simple message of making VERIVERY’s Own new world’. 

The imprudent connections and countless attempts to face ‘you’ and ‘me’. Feeling isolated from constant communication, we have finally reached a hope of ‘us’. Reconstituted in VERIVERY’s own method, the world does not have pretence, alienation and severance. Everyone’s identity distinctly exists; through solid connections and understanding. The world has finally arrived at a square, which is a form of creative destruction. The hope of ‘Us’, the story of a square [FACE US] … 

VERIVERY (Offcial Statement in Youtube)

You can watch the official music video here!


Deep Diving in “G.B.T.B.”!

The Music 

The song lies in between the intersection of electronic and dance music. It has clean EMD sections. They have used radio voice effects to add to the original layering.

They have winged everything, from rap to singing effortlessly. The song has a nicely arranged melody layered on a strong baeline with vocals flowing in at the topmost layer.

The Video

It is a science fiction music video. They have used antennas and reactors as a backdrop in various to continue from their previous music video “Thunder” where they follow member “Minchan” into an abandoned powerhouse.

There is a certain repeated visual where members seem to break a seemingly translucent wall. This translucent wall might be some kind of a barrier in representation.

One of the most eye catching parts of the video is them dancing in a world that is tearing down to nothing but chaotic rubbles.

The Lyrics

The lyrics are straight to the point, they are asking who is going to pull the trigger to that fate-determining shot in the chorus. They ask one to cross the barrier and break one’s limits.

Here is a small excerpt from the lyrics-

So we keep on running for
So we keep on running for
Go beyond the barrier
Go beyond the barrier
Who’s gonna pull the trigger
운명을 가를 shot

(Fate determining shot)
No more barriers
Who’s gonna pull the trigger


Listen to the album here on Spotify


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