TRI.BE debut with a power-packed song “DOOM DOOM TA”

TRI.BE is the new girl group in the block, who made their debut on 17 February 2021 with the single album “TRI.BE Da Loca”. The album consists of two tracks and was released along with a music video for the title track “Doom Doom Ta”.

TRI.BE is a seven member girl group with the line up as follows-

  1. SongSun– Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  2. Kelly– Vocalist
  3. JinHa– Vocalist, Dancer
  4. HyunBin– Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Dancer
  5. Jia– Vocalist
  6. SoEun– Vocalist
  7. Mire– Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Maknae (Youngest)

The name “TRI.BE” is a combination of the words “Triangle” or an equilateral triangle to be precise, which symbolizes perfection, and “BE” which also means to exist; together put the group name means to achieve perfection.

In the song, the words “TRI.BE Da Loca” which is also the album title, are repeated quite a few times. This is derived from the Latin words “La vida loca” which means passionate life implying to look forward to a passionate TRI.BE.


The lyrics and the meaning of the song are intended to show a strong message for TRI.BE’s listeners. Their goal as expressed in the lyrics is to capture their audience’s eyes, ears, and hearts. Being bothered about what others think about them is way too tiring and so they don’t really care; they’re a free horse that is going to run wild and not hideaway.

The song is a mix of house, mumbaton and afrobeats. The chorus showcases a signature tune that is repeated a few times along the song. The music video features a lot of equilateral triangles playing along the theme of the group. The bridge of the song is super motivating as the girls seem like they’re rising like the flames of a fire that has just begun.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- TR Entertainment

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