Top 5 Comebacks of June week 2 (June 7-12)

Here are some interesting comebacks this week that you should definitely check out

1. Moonshot

Released by N.Flying on June 7, the song is part of their first full length album ‘Man on the Moon’. The song written and composed by the leader Seunghyub talks about embracing trauma and taking a step forward or moving on.

N.Flying – Moonshot

2. Don’t fight the feeling

The song is part of EXO’s special album, also titled the same, released on June 7. The dance pop song features 7 of the members and is a gift to fans encouraging them to take a leap of faith and follow their instincts.

EXO – Don’t fight the feeling

3 The Long Night

Seori’s song released on June 10 features K-hiphop artist Giriboy. The song expresses the anticipation felt by a person the night before meeting the one they love. The person reminisces over the memories shared by them and is excited but is met with a sad and unfortunate truth.

Seori – The Long Night (feat. Giriboy)

4. Bye Bye Bye

WEi’s comeback single on June 9 is part of their EP ‘Identity : Action’, the last of the Identity series. The song employs a summer theme and is about how the members wave goodbye to everything that has weighed them down until now as they chase their dreams.

WEi – Bye Bye Bye

5. Alcohol-Free

With a whole new sound, Twice released their new single on June 9. The song and dance choreography takes inspiration from Latin music. The song compares the feeling of falling in love to the high one would experience on consuming alcohol.

TWICE – Alcohol-Free

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – FNC Official, SM Entertainment, OUI Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Seori YouTube Channel

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