Taeyeon Empowers Women with ‘#GirlsSpkOut’ in Collaboration with Chanmina (ちゃんみな)

On 30 September 2020, Taeyeon makes a grand return with Japanese single, ‘#GirlsSpkOut’. Along with Japanese-Korean rapper Chanmina (ちゃんみな), her song seeks inspire women to speak up. Moreover, it warns men to not overstep their boundaries in the video. Her second Japanese mini-album, #GirlsSpkOut, will be available on November 18 2020 so mark your calendars!

The song draws its sound from dance pop with a slow tempo rather than relying on a catchy beat. Her vocals, as expected from Taeyeon, are strong and heavenly, even when singing in Japanese. Her ability to convey raw emotion into any song bleeds through. Furthermore, Chanmina’s rapping style is chic and blends with the mood of the song. Both of them are strong examples of women dominating the K-pop scene and thus, have great influence. The chorus sums up the song’s message.

“Hey girls, Let’s speak out

And hands up and stand up

The world is inside my hand as I want

Hey girls, brave it out

And wake up and look up

I can make my wish come true with this voice reaching to the skies”

Taeyeon – #GirlsSpkOut (ft. Chanmina)

Check out Taeyeon’s ‘#GirlsSpkOut (FT. Chanmina)‘ below! The music video includes a variety of colourful sets, ranging from neon signs to the man they decorates with flowers. All these tiny yet gorgeous details deserve an applause.


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