Standing Egg take a trip down memory lane in ‘Reminiscence’

Standing Egg release yet another emotional song, ‘Reminiscence’, on 2 December 2020. Written by Standing Egg and recorded by producers Jeong Hojin and Um Chanyong, the indie ballad invokes memories of a romantic relationship. The video is beautifully shot by GABWORKS.

The Korean title, ‘어제의 우리들‘, translates to “Yesterday’s us”. The vocals are powerful and soft, along with the soft guitar tune. Standing Egg use a pretty standard ballad instrumental. Light piano, light bass and more vocal focused. This is a classic Standing Egg song. The scenery of the video is lush and green as they walk through nature and hike together. Despite being together at the end, the man relives their trip for himself without his partner. It leaves a lot open, not clear whether they have been separated.

Check out Standing Egg’s ‘Reminiscence’ here –

Standing Egg – Reminiscence

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