SM celebrates BoA through the project “Our Beloved BoA”

SM Entertainment celebrates BoAs 20th debut anniversary through a special project. Using its SM STATION platform SM Entertainment officially announced the “Our Beloved BoA” project. This Project features artists – Baekhyun (EXO)Jiyoung (BolBbalGan4)GallantSM Classics, and Red Velvet.  

SM STATION is a platform given by SM Entertainment where both SM and non-SM artists can perform under an umbrella.  

About  BoA –

BoA began doing music professionally when she was a 13 year old. She followed a friend to an SM Ent. audition and was selected. Her debut song is ID; Peace B which peaked on rank 3 in Korean charts. Other songs like No.1Atlantis Princess, and many more are some record-breaking classics that she is known for in and outside Korea.   

BoA debuted in Japan at the age of 14. She was one of the first Korean artists’ to debut in Japan and singing in the Japanese language under SM and Avex. She went onto become the first non-Japanese Asian singer to hit number one on Japanese charts. Some fabulous Japanese songs are My HeartEvery HeartValentiMoon&Sunrise, along with many many more.  

“Our Beloved BoA” –

The “Our Beloved BoA” is a relay cover project. It has five very interesting songs sung by five very distinct artists. The songs and artists as below:

  • Garden In The Air – Baekhyun 
  • Atlantis Princess – Bolbbalgan4 
  • Only One – Gallant 
  • Milky Way – Red Velvet 
  • Tree – SM Classics

The song Garden in the Air (공중정원) was covered by Baekhyun of EXO. Baekhyun’s soothing voice is complementing the music. The instrumental is very soft and touching. From the vocal harmonizing to the simple piano, this song reminds how amazing the construction of the song is. There are a few intriguing chimes throughout the song.

Baekhyun – Garden in the Air (공중정원)

Jiyoung of Bolbbalgan4 has covered the song, Atlantis Princess. Her angelic voice fits well with the music layering. It beautifully fills another colour to the original song.

BOL4 – Atlantis Princess

Gallant gives us another take on the song Only One. The singing brings an old wine like a fine feeling to the song. The music video is also well shot with trickling water concept. The video progressing from day to night, showing “you are the only one” through thick and thin.

Gallant – Only One

Red Velvet chose to cover the song – Milky Way. All the five members gathered and sung the ballad beautifully. A masterstroke was towards the ending where they harmonize as one member sings letting all voices shine.

Red Velvet – Milky Way

Tree (나무) by SM Classics. SM Classics is a new label under SM Entertainment which brings K-Pop and K-Classic music closer. The teaser image has been released for the cover and soon the MV will also be released.

We at Hallyure have also separately given BoA a small tribute in our own way. Please make sure to read the article here.

BoA, you will be our number one, always. 

– Every Jumping BOA ever

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – SM Entertainment, SM Station

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  • Shikha
    10 months ago Reply

    After reading this I reminisce the time when I first tried listening to her songs and specially loved EAT YOU UP song alot,dance moves and beats were so good…thankyou vallari to bring back that memory… awesome post

    • Vallari
      10 months ago Reply

      Thankyou Shikha! Hope you visit our site often and revisit many more good memories!!

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