Seventeen’s Hoshi shows a new, alluring side in solo ‘Spider’

Seventeen’s Hoshi released his first solo track, ‘Spider’, on 2 April 2021. The performance team leader sings about the seductive nature of love but entangled with elegance. The track kicks off one of many projects Seventeen have planned for 2021. Hoshi collaborated on the lyrics with Seventeen’s Woozi and producer Bumzu who composed the song.

The song suggests attraction is akin to a spider’s trap. The restrained bass line matches the seductive aura of the song, especially when the beat pauses just as the chorus begins. Hoshi’s vocals are on the smoother but delicate side, with a flawless falsettos, as expected of anyone in Seventeen. It’s a vocal haven, to put it in short.

“I want to stay here with you here

Tangled up and trapped together

Countless attractions I can’t escape

Pretend to hate it Baby I still like it Baby.”

Still from Hoshi – ‘Spider’ Official MV

The performance part of the video leaves me speechless. As expected by the leader of Seventeen’s performance team, the choreography is exquisite but fierce. The graceful movements are filled with passionate imagery, like the dancers holding his neck or holding him. To top it all of, the sets of music video and his outfits compliment each other. With primarily white, red and black colours, the sensual nature of ‘Spider’ is highlighted. With how skilled and charismatic Hoshi is, he takes a hold of your attention and you find it hard to let go.

Check out Hoshi’s first solo single ‘Spider’ here –

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