SEOY learns to love herself in sweet single ‘사랑으로 (♥x4)’

Singer-songwriter SEOY released her new and refreshing single, ‘사랑으로 (♥x4)’, on 11 July 2021. She wrote the song and co-composed it alongside ampoff.

SEOY – 사랑으로 (♥x4)

Her vocals are smooth and pleasant but her style of singing makes her voice very distinct. Accompanied by a minimalistic guitar beat, the song is well balanced in terms of production. ‘사랑으로’ means ‘With love‘, words she repeats during the chorus and ends with “Or I will come to love me”.

The video incorporates different but simple styles, such as retro filming and hand-held camera perspective. She talks about loving herself before convincing someone else to love her. With her carefree dancing, she portrays a confident side of herself that accepts the way she is.

Check out ‘사랑으로 (♥x4)’ by SEOY here –

All credits belong to MUN HWA IN.

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