Seori wishes away ‘The Long Night’ in collab with Giriboy

On 10 June 2021, Seori released her new single, ‘The Long Night’, with rapper and producer, Giriboy. The duo wrote and composed the song.

The rhythmic and soft beats set the sleepy mood, as she sings with her husky but angelic vocals. She yearns for her lover, played by Giriboy who shares the same feelings, and dreads the long night as she is left alone with nothing but her thoughts. Her voice harmonizes well with Giriboy’s vocals and rapping. The lyrics express how they lose sleep over the thought of their reunion but in the end, she is left alone again.

The long night please don’t come
Don’t take me away
Love me I don’t want to go home
The long night I don’t like
I really hate the night
Jealous of the moon that can see you all night”

‘The Long Night (feat. Giriboy)’ by Seori

The video begins in a dark bedroom where Seori reminisces about her lover. Gorgeous visuals are used, such as the rope that holds onto the moon and the grass field of fairy lights. Overall, Seori’s team never disappoints when it comes to her videos.

Check out ‘The Long Night (feat. Giriboy)’ by Seori here –

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