Sad? Ride a ‘Bicycle’ with BTS RM

BTS RM released a new single ‘Bicycle’ on 7 June 2021. The single is part of BTS’s debut anniversary celebration event ‘BTS FESTA’. BTS made their debut on 13 June 2013 and each year their debut is celebrated as an event called ‘BTS FESTA’. The event this year was spread across a period of two weeks with various surprises for the fans, Army.

BTS FESTA Schedule map

RM, a rapper, songwriter, composer, and producer under BigHit Music made his debut as the main rapper and leader of BTS. The single marks his comeback since the release of his mixtape ‘Mono’ in 2018.

RM – Bicycle

‘Bicycle’ is an R&B track written, composed and produced by RM with the help of singer-songwriter John Eun. The melody is composed of the acoustic guitar played by Hee Young, with the subtle influence of the bass guitar and bass beats. With soulful lyrics and adlibs from RM, the song imparts a mellow yet relaxing vibe.

Written when riding a bike across foggy landscapes, RM said that the song to him has a mix of cold and warm feelings. In the BTS blog post for the song RM mentions that the bicycle brings him a lot of joy. Although the minute he steps his foot on the peddles he is overwhelmed with sadness over the many things that he misses.

Walk down the horizon

roll back to that vanishing point

Let’s ride a bike if we’re sad

let’s keep the wind down two feet

RM – Bicycle

RM associates riding a bicycle to feeling relaxed and putting all your worries away for a while. He encourages listeners to take a ride if they feel sad. Doing this will make your heart float and you will feel as light as the breeze that gently hits your face while you ride down an empty lane; “Let’s float like an island” says RM.

The artwork for the song cover was created by Korean artist Moon Seong Sik. RM mentioned in the blog post that he admired the artists’ artwork, and the cover was inspired from one particular artwork of his. He also expressed his gratitude to the artist.

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