Rookie group MAJORS debuts with “Stronger” and “Spit it Out”

MAJORS, a new rookie girl group by ANS Entertainment debuted with a double release. Tracks “Stronger” and “Spit it Out” were released on 9 March at 12 A.M KST. 

About the Artist

MAJORS (메이져스) are aiming high with their debut album ‘The Beginning of Legend’. It is a six-member girl group consisting of Aki, Bian, Ida, Shinye, Suzy, and Vita. Many might be familiar with Bian as she used to be a part of ANS and MIDNIGHT

The girls are undeniably talented singers, dancers and can play musical instruments as well. They are ambitious and united as a group to leave their mark in the industry. 

MV Review

The songs “Stronger” and “Spit it Out” instantly reflect on the undeniable potential the group has to offer. 

To summarize the music videos, laser lights beaming at the back, and the fog creates an entrancing air around them. The music videos might not be as extravagant as we are used to seeing in K-pop today but the company’s effort to provide an enjoyable product is worth the applause. They make up for it with their good performance and gorgeous visuals in black & white outfits. 

MAJORS seem to be exploring the Latin trap avenues with melodic verses and chorus drops. Their sound might not be unique, but they sure do play the part of standard K-pop girl groups well. The choreography and synchronization stood out extremely, alongside the pleasant tone of their voices. 

Hoping for them to get more opportunity to explore their sound and make a surprising comeback!

You can watch the music videos below –


Song Credits for ‘Stronger’ 

Producer: Jongtae Eun

Lyrics: Jongtae Eun, Shinae Han, Anna Timgren

Composer: arcon, Mosin, Anna Timgren

Arranger: arcon, Mosin

Mixed: Noh Keo Hyun

Mastered: Jungun Park

MAJORS – Spit It Out MV

Song Credits for ‘Spit It Out’

Producer: OLLIPOP

Lyrics: Jongtae Eun, Junho Jung, Olof Lindskog, Brooke Toia, Adelen Rusillo & Clef Crew

Composer: Olof Lindskog, Brooke Toia, Adelen Rusillo Steen

Mixed: Noh Keo Hyun

Mastered: Jungun Park


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