PIXY finally find their “WINGS” but they have a decision to make!

The girl group PIXY have made their official debut on February 24 with the single album “With the wings“. They have a fresh and mythological concept of a world full of pixies, fairies and witches. The concept has drawn attention towards PIXY being one of its kind in the industry, at the moment.

In addition, PIXY member Satbyeol has participated in creating the album’s concept as well as designing the art logo to further enhance the completeness of the concept. The track production has set a high standard for upcoming debuting bands. The detailed credits of the track can be found below:

TrackWritten By Composed byArranged by
WingsJJ, Kevin Dae from Party in My PoolKevin Dae, JJ and Luzy from Party in My Pool, chAN’sLuzy, Kevin Dae and JJ from Party in My Pool, chAN’s
Source : Melon

“With My Wings” – a search for the lost wings

PIXY tells their concept through various albums called “Chapters”. The first story is conveyed to us through the first chapter: “With My Wings“. The storyline starts in a Fairy forest, where six fairies are born without wings. Since they do not possess wings they are tormented by others.

One day, one of them discovers a pair of wings on the ground and shares her discovery with PIXY. The same night, a witch appears in their dream ordering them to give her the wings before the red moon. If they fail to do as ordered, the witch will curse PIXY and everyone around them as well.

Since the witch has the upper hand in the story, PIXY have to obey the witch’s wish and tread the road into the deep forest at night. PIXY have to face the dilemma of whether they should hand over their wings or fight the witch.

A lot of imagery is translated into the song through lyrics such as

A small voice is whispering in my ears, come here quickly

There’s no other way, I’ll even walk into the forest of thorns. Even I want to know what I will gain or lose at the end of this road“.

Delving deep into the track “Wings”

“Wings” is a song of the booming dance genre that evidently showcases the beginning of PIXY’s journey. The track signals their debut with its magnificent trap beat and powerful impact right from start. Having a context rap, in the beginning, makes it even more intriguing.

With hints of hip-hop during the rap section, they showcase their prowess and versatility. The song also has an addictive hook, dreamy layering and surreal beats that gives it a fantasy theme like that of an epic movie’s climax song. The production fascinates viewers and clearly shows the dark and intense colour of PIXY.

There are hints and side stories in the music video that will make us curous about the next chapter. You may watch the official music video for their Chapter 1 : With My Wings here!

PIXY – Wings [Offcial Music Video]

About PIXY

PIXY is a sextet under ALLART Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment. The group consists of Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong. Their concept is of pixies also commonly known a mischievous version of the fairies.

A pixy’s trait includes mischief, grace and likes to have whimsical contests and games and pull off practical jokes. When dealing with wicked being such as the witches, pixies loathe evil and will take action to banish it. Hence their group name suits the concept very well.

Music, Image and Video Credits – Stone Music Entertainment, ALL ART ENTERTAINMENT, Genie Music, Happy Tribe Entertainment

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