Perk up with Ghost9’s comeback ‘Up All Night’

Ghost9 is welcoming summer with their latest comeback ‘Up All Night’, a feel-good, bubblegum pop, style of music, complimenting bright weather. 

The rookie group released an early summer song on 3rd June, from their fourth mini album ‘Now: When We Are In Love‘. This nine-member group debuted under Maroo Entertainment on September 23, 2020, and has since been active in churning out new EPs.

MV Review 

Ghost9 – Up All Night MV

Up All Night’ is bright, catchy, upbeat, and instantly puts you in a good mood. In short, it makes you want to pack a picnic basket and spend a leisure day in the scenic location. 

The MV is mostly shot outside, they roll the dice and next second are seen dancing everywhere in the forest, at the beach, and poking fun at each other adorning the invisibility cloak. The fantasy elements in the video makes it more enjoyable. The music maintains the steady pacing that keeps us engaged throughout and the rap bits building up to the bridge, amplifies the energy of the chorus. 

The song is bound to make you feel delightful and add a spring into your step!

Song Credits: 

Lyrics: 키비 (Kebee), 텐조, 설온 (PAPERMAKER),이지향

Composer: Christian Fast, Henrik Nordenback, Didrik Thott, 텐조

Arranger: Henrik Nordenback

Image/Video Courtesy: Maroo Entertainment

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