Parkmoonchi and DAY6’s Young K collab in soft single ‘What a Wonderful Word’

Parkmoonchi and DAY6’s Young K collaborate for the single, ‘What a Wonderful Word’, on 28 February 2021. The duo co-composed and wrote the song together. While it is a collab, Young K was solely on vocals and Parkmoonchi on instrumentals.

The instrumentals are soft and while it can’t be categorized as retro, it has a retro influence to it. The soft beats match Young K’s strong vocals. The background vocals add to the atmosphere of the song. The song talks about finding the perfect words to confess your love but no words are enough to express it. The poetic lyrics in the form of a love confession suit the chill vibe of the song. He says the stars are in their eyes and sings, “When I look in your eyes, I’m in space / I guess that that’s why I stop breathing”. The duo really pulled off one of the best, gender neutral love songs in Valentine’s month. It’s worth noting that Parkmoonchi has produced songs like Suho’s ‘Let’s Love’ and Taemin’s ‘Nemo’. She has a natural ability to collab and creates the perfect mellow songs with any artist. It’s no surprise Young K and she was able to collectively make such a smooth and sweet song.

The video is minimalistic with Young K singing in various spaces and Parkmoonchi in a studio environment. She occasionally lip-syncs his vocals and has a little playfulness to it.

Check out Parkmoonchi and Young K’s ‘What a Wonderful Word’ here –

PARKMOONCHI X YOUNG K of DAY6 – What a Wonderful Word


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