OnlyOneOf releases self produced album, “Produced by [myself]”

South Korean boy group OnlyOneOf released their latest album,Produced by [myself] on July 15, 2021. The album is a product of a contest between the members to produce a song. The seven members were divided into three teams, “Only”, “One” and “Of”, who made three songs, “cOy”,”?(questiOn mark)” and “night flight” respectively. The winner of this contest was decided by the votes of their fans and the company.

ABOUT Produced by [myself]

“Only” is the team with members Rie and JunJi who wrote cOy and composed it alongside XIMON and Nap!er. cOy is an R&B song with a Lo-Fi sound. The lyrics speak about how the person one loves, doesn’t show their feelings despite feeling the same, acting coy about it. The calming lo-fi sound works well with the personal lyrics of the song.

“I know you’re being coy, coy,

Let’s get honest, just a bit,

Tell me love it’s you,

Color me with you tonight”

cOy – OnlyOneOf
cOy – OnlyOneOf

“One” consists of members Love, Mill, and Nine. They wrote the song, “?(questiOn mark)” and composed it alongside Nap!er. It is also the song that got the most votes and won the contest. This song is quite different from the group’s usual musical style with its deeper sound. The lyrics are about the questions that one asks as their instinct leads them forward.


When I see you, this mysterious feeling suffocates me,


You’re hiding from me the emotion of being used to me,

What’s your question mark?”

?(questiOn mark) – OnlyOneOf
?(questiOn mark) – OnlyOneOf

“Of” is the team with members YooJung and KB. “night flight” was written by YooJung alongside XISO and senji while it was composed by KB alongside Nap!er, XISO and senji. The song with its lo-fi beats creates a calming atmosphere. The lyrics sing of a journey that begins when the sun sets, and one goes on a night flight with their loved one. This song is dedicated to lyOn (fandom name.)

“Let’s go up, night flight,

Shine the bright light,

The two of us walking on the sky,

The flight shared with you”

night flight – OnlyOneOf
night flight – OnlyOneOf

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Produced by [myself] – OnlyOneOf


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