ONEUS are back with their first full album with ‘No Diggity’

On 19 January 2021, ONEUS finally get their first full album, Devil, with their fierce title track, ‘No Diggity’. With Lee Sangho and Inner Child on lyrics and composition for ONEUS, the song gave off a tough and unwavering aura. Although personally this concept is pretty overdone, the group’s energy makes it hard to dislike.

As said earlier, the concept is at the highest trend for Kpop groups at the moment. Performance is given more priority than the song itself, which is honestly an advantage for Kpop. More than that, the songs are highly dramatised (such as elaborate outfits) and emphasise on toughness. The music is more bombastic with little melodic innovation. ONEUS seem to draw inspiration from groups such as ATEEZ and A.C.E who are well known to nail this performance highlighting concept. The visuals are stunning but their outfits take the crown. Their youngest, XION, is seen with a headpiece made of thorns. The neon lighting suits their styling and displays graffiti on the walls but also royal designing. Dance performance wise, this is one with their more uncomplicated choreographies but they aim for a more classy formations with energetic moves. Overall, it matches the song and concept.

Still of XION from ‘No Diggity’ by ONEUS

Now onto the song. It talks about love and that they’re the one for this woman and how other people would be jealous that she’s taken. The lyrics are generally poetic with parallels of Adam and Eve but get a little brash when they say, “You’re a serpent in our garden.” The melody has nothing unique to it that makes this comeback stand out. It’s pretty much only the visuals that grab your attention. However, to counter those who agree with this, this is their most anthemic track with plenty of it showcases their vocals and rap. When they slow down near the dance break, you really notice how much power their vocalists hold. Their rappers, too, carry out the song’s purpose. This is completely new for them to try out distorted vocals and instrumentals and overall, they nailed it. It’s impressive to maintain that energy while singing too so kudos to the group.

Check out ‘No Diggity’ by ONEUS here –


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