After almost two years, the whole of NCT is back for their 2nd album release titled – RESONANCE Pt. 1, the group also included two new members named Sung Chan and Shotaro making it a 23 member group, inclusive of all the several unit members. NCT 2020 also sees the long-anticipated addition of WAYV members as one in the team.

SM Entertainment indeed surprised NCTzens with the teaser of the group since September and released the timeline of new song releases by the group.


The following are reviews of three songs released according to the dates. Until then stay tuned for the album and review of the upcoming song ‘From Home‘.


NCT DREAM – To the Stage (Déjà Vu) poster

On 8 October 2020, NCT DREAM unit from NCT released the first song from the album – titled – ‘To the Stage (Déjà Vu)’, the unit saw Mark being added as the permanent member along with the usual set members of the same. The group also had released rather an introductory music video for the same.


The music has hints of hip-hop and pop beats. The lyrics mostly talk about their life as ‘DREAM’ members, the life they are living on stage currently felt like a ‘Déjà vu’ to them, yet they are excited about this lifestyle and mentions that this was what they were waiting for.

We met like this

This is just the beginning

This moment I’ve been waiting for every day

And even if you’re going back a long way

I’m going to meet you on this repeated dream

You and I again, here on this stage

NCT DREAM – To the Stage (Déjà Vu)

They use the word ‘dream’ quite often in the lyrics likely as a metaphor connected with their unit’s name.

Let’s run and play on the stage, Dream

This is how we feel, yeah

This is our stage, it’s exciting, we can play a little bit more

NCT DREAM – To the Stage (Déjà Vu)

The music video shows the members in youthful, casual attire with bright sets such as a theme park. The video starts with Mark receiving an invitation letter to participate in a competition for a festival titled – ‘The Best Stage of 2020’, the title rightly connects with the title of the song and also the name of their album. The video gradually shows them getting ready for the same, to take on ‘The Stage’ together as if they were meant to be.

You can watch the music video for ‘To the Stage (Déjà Vu)‘ here –

NCT DREAM – To the Stage (Déjà Vu)


NCT U – Misfit poster

On 9 October 2020, NCT unit NCT U released the song and music video of the song titled ‘Misfit’. This particular unit comprised of Taeyong, Jeno, Mark, Johnny, along with the addition of new member Sung Chan and lastly fellow WAYV members Hendery and Yangyang.

  • LYRICS – Rick Bridges, Yubin Hwang
  • COMPOSITION – Emile Ghantous, Jordan Benjamin, Steve Daly, Alex Tanas, Victor Manzano
  • ARRANGEMENT – Emile Ghantous, Keith Hetrick, Alex Tanas, Mark Pellizzer.

The music is of rap/hip hop genre, the sound of guitar instrumentals stands out quite a bit in the entire production. All members are seen to have rapped with clear flow, rhythm, and energy. The lyrics of the song talks about how they are denoted as a ‘Misfit’ in the society in general and those who stand against them can stay out of their way if bothered so. Metaphorically speaking they may have wanted to convey a message to their listeners that they are not ordinary, even if people tried to judge them, they did not have one ounce of doubt in what they did.

Enough with trying hard to judge me

Right now is the best, never messed up

I have no doubts, just bring it to the next

I don’t know how to hear, I’m a deaf…

A rule by someone else, as if they’re telling me to follow it without questioning

It’s like they’re putting on a leash on me

And step on this dream

They don’t know how high I aim, so they’re nagging about the same old thing

NCT U – Misfit

The music video starts off with them getting in the car, with stage sets showing neon basketball ring behind them. They are seen to be wearing loud clothing, paired with several accessories.

Watch the music video for ‘Misfit‘ here –

NCT U – Misfit


NCT U – Make A Wish (Birthday Song) poster

Oct 12 October 2020, another set of members under NCT U unit released a song from their album titled – ‘Make A Wish (Birthday Song)’. The unit comprised of members Taeyong, Do Young, Jaehyun, Jaemin, new member Shotaro and fellow WAYV members Lucas and Xiaojun.

  • COMPOSITION – Bobii Lewis, Sonny J. Mason
  • ARRANGEMENT – Sonny J. Mason

The music is of dance, rap/hip-hop genre with distinctive whistling sound almost throughout the song. The song has EDM beats to it at few junctures. The lyrics of the song mostly talks about one doing all they can to make their wish come true, and also knowing that the wish they asked for – in reality needs to be worked upon by them. However, they are not complaining of working hard to achieve their dreams, and neither are their limits to aspire more are stopping anytime soon.

Never stop keep breaking out

Still working all the time

We have to get out, we gon’ fly away

Open your eyes and dream (dream)

In each place we breathe (breathe)

If we work, you are already (star)….

I’m not tired, got no limit

My heart is thumping, keep drumming

Pour out the oil

I’m ready to ride right now

NCT U – Make A Wish (Birthday Song)

The music video shows the members excellent skills in dance; they have also definitely shown their individual skills over rap and vocal prowess.

Watch the music video for ‘Make A Wish (Birthday Song)’ here –

NCT U – Make A Wish (Birthday Song)


Let us know in the comment section how you liked the above songs from the album.

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