N.Flying reach for the stars in ‘Moonshot’

On 7 June 2021, N.Flying return with their first full length album and a video for their title track, ‘Moonshot’. Their album, Man on the Moon, includes 10 new songs. The leader, Lee Seunghyub, wrote and composed the title track.

Moonshot as a song

The song starts off with the words, “If you wanna change, be not afraid”. The instrumentals carry an alternative rock sound with a brilliant guitar tune. You can already tell it will be a highly motivational and meaningful song. While N.Flying always aim to write these types of messages, ‘Moonshot’ shifts the tone. It’s more serious about how difficult the process of dealing with trauma is and encourages you to take that risk to, metaphorically, shoot it. The lyrics express vulnerability and so do their voices. As expected, Seunghyub and Hwesung’s vocal chemistry and harmony are on point. Hwesung’s angelic but strong vocals bring power to the lyrics while Seunghyub’s deep rapping expresses so much anger towards their past holding them back.

“Hold your breath, and cast a spell
I see myself with closed eyes
Wonderful my universe
Always be shine”

Bring of ‘Moonshot’ by N.Flying
Shot from the ‘Moonshot’ MV – N.Flying

Music video

The video is definitely the biggest change in tone for N.Flying. Although this isn’t their first video that does not utilise their silly concept, ‘Moonshot’ has several haunting and darker scenes that we haven’t seen from them in a while. You see the members curled up and showing conflicted emotions, a filter of black and white rather than colourful and bright. The most beautiful stage is of them on a rooftop with a moon unbelievably big and bright in a sky full of stars. It reminds me of Peter Pan but more than that, seeing them execute such an intense performance to get their message across, to take risks, does the job. Overall, this is another comeback that makes a 2021 favourite in my book.

Check out ‘Moonshot’ by N.Flying here –

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