LambC releases an English track ‘Emotional’

LambC, the talented Korean singer-songwriter, and a producer. He is quite an all-rounder marking his miles in the R&B/soul music genre. 

Emotional MV

About the latest track

LambC(램씨)  released Part 1 : Emotional [I’ll see you when I see you] on 24 Jan. 2021, 12 P. M. KST.

Emotional’ an all-English track and just like the title suggests the song is bound to make you emotional. His music is as soulful as ever! His mesmerizing song pierces right through our hearts. 

Or maybe I’ll call you 

when I’m emotional 

Like I used to before 

and I’ll try to keep it together 

cuz I’ll want you but I won’t

LambC – Emotional

LambC’s music has a way of making you feel nostalgic every time you listen to it. His previous EP ‘Songs from a bed’ in 2020 was heart-melting. It was made to be lyrically personal and expressive. 

LambC debuted in Oct 2015 with the single ‘The Herd’. He has collaborated with various artists like Lee Min Hyuk, Park Ji Min, Choi Jeong Yoon on production and arrangement.

Check out our Interview with LambC to know more about him & his creative journey!

Song Credit:

Lyrics, Composed, arranged by LambC (램씨)


Image: Happy Robot

Video: Stone Music Entertainment YouTube

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