Kpop idols with YouTube channels that you MUST subscribe to!

With YouTube as a major platform for not only music but also other entertainment, Kpop idols have taken the site by storm. They use their channel to explore music outside of their officially released discography or to show a different side of their daily lives. So, Let’s have a look at Kpop idols with YouTube channels that YOU MUST Subscribe to!

DAY6’s Jae [eaJ]

After gaining fame on MCing for After School Club, DAY6’s Jae brought a lot of attention to the rock band with his channel, eaJ (formerly known as JaeSix). He released videos around DAY6’s activities, casual interviews with other idols and more recently, releasing unofficial solo music. The guitarist also had a Twitch channel where he’d stream gaming and Just Chatting with fans but unfortunately, he decided to stop streaming.

First solo track under the new name eaJ, ‘LA TRAINS’, via eaJ
A Jae In the Life Of Day #2 (The Source Hunt) via eaJ

CLC’s Seunghee [오승희 OH SEUNGHEE]

The main vocalist of CLC, Oh Seunghee, opened her own channel for amazing content like vlogs, Q&As, and covers of great songs. She also has a “Saturday Night Live” segment where she goes live and answers fans questions. Some of it also features other members of CLC. Best part? Her videos are subtitled for international fans to understand.

Cover of BTS’ Butter by Seunghee and Sorn via 오승희 OH SEUNGHEE

BLACKPINK’s Rosé (ROSÉ Official)

Amount the Kpop idols with YouTube channels; One of the newer channels! BLACKPINK’s Rosé only has 3 videos so far but all videos are very authentic and say a lot about her.

ROSÉ | Interview Film via ROSÉ Official

Wonho [ohhoho 오호호]

A blessing to the fans of Wonho! The artist has only recently started his new chapter as a soloist and keeps updated with his YouTube channel. His content ranges from workout sessions to mukbangs.

Wonho’s solo debut!🕺 Album preparation process part.1 l WONHO via ohhoho 오호호

MAMAMOO’s Solar [솔라시도 solarsido]

The leader of MAMAMOO has one of the more active and unpredictable channels where she has a much broader range. Solar goes from uploading vlogs and workout sessions one day to doing a fun challenge on another day. You can see she really has fun so it’s a must to subscribe to!

I was bored so I cut my hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋ via 솔라시도 solarsido


HyunA’s channel is her official one where she uploads her music but occasionally, she does fun vlogs and gives advice to fans. The videos are named HyunA-ing and it’s rather thoughtful of her to be so real and open. Her relationship with Dawn brings up a lot of conversation surrounding idols dating and the stigma towards being public about it and so he features in her casual videos very often.

[HyunA-ing] E31: HyunA Salon via HyunA

N.Flying’s Cha Hun & Jaehyun [두얼간이 2IDIOTS]

While it’s not very active anymore, N.Flying’s chaotic duo, Cha Hun and Jaehyun, uploads hilarious and lively content. From idol interviews to dance challenges, the pair know how to keep the audience laughing and comfortable. They’ve even reviewed Indian snacks, although whoever chose the snacks did not do their research.

 Indian snack review! via 두얼간이 2IDIOTS

Jessica Jung

Finally, in our list of “Kpop Idols with YouTube channels”; Jessica has the most personalized and active channel on the list. She focuses on her fashion, daily vlogs, and skincare with aesthetic visuals.

Get Ready With Me via Jessica Jung

… and that’s our list of “Let’s have a look at Kpop idols with YouTube channels that YOU MUST Subscribe to!”. Do you follow any idols that have YouTube and we missed? Don’t hesitate to drop more channels in the comment section!

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – Respective artist’s YouTube Channel

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