Kingdom Legendary War Rundown – Season Finale Episode 10

(Kingdom Legendary War Episode 10 aired on June 3, 7:50 pm KST)

It has been quite a journey with these six kpop groups battling it out. After two months of impressive performance stages, the finale is finally here. So, who will ascend the throne and win the crown of Kingdom: Legendary War?

(A mini detour explaining current rankings and round, feel free to skip and hop on to performance review if you wish)

Current Ranking and Final Round 

Ranking (Part 2 of Round 3):

  1. Stray Kids
  2. SF9
  3. iKON
  4. The Boyz
  5. BtoB
  6. ATEEZ

The Final Round of Kingdom Legendary War is for 50,000 points. The evaluation was completely left to the viewers and will be graded as per Music Chart Evaluation and via live broadcast votings.

Here is the review for the final performances on the Legendary War stage.


ATEEZ aimed to show their true colors and everything they stand for with their new track ‘The Real’.

With their last performance, they described the true essence of style. Humility and kindness are what means style to ATEEZ! They got their unit to hype up with them, looks like Mayfly is going to stick around. The choreography seemed fun & less intense, they even had adorable kid dancers on stage with them. 

Stray Kids

SKZ showcased us the extended version of ‘The Wolf‘ from their Introduction round. ‘Wolfgang’ starts with Amadeus Mozart’s symphony and Bang Chan hanging upside down. ‘Wolfgang‘ was everything you would expect out of Stray Kids. The dance and concept felt stronger than the music itself, but overall it was a fun memorable performance for sure.

The Boyz 

The Boyz got the much deserving trip to the amusement park to let loose, after all, thirteen stages right from Road to Kingdom to the finale of this season. They wrapped it up pretty well in ‘Kingdom Come’, they were oozing with passion.  


Basically all the behind-the-scenes package is about unwinding before the big day. We get to see carpool karaoke and heartfelt letters from Hyunsik and Sungjae. So for their last performance, Minhyuk produced the track ‘Finale: Show and Prove’, with the group’s aim to take us on a reminiscing ride of their 10 years of BTOB. They wish to prove that dreams don’t die and oh what a performance! It was simple but tastefully done, it was very much their sound and needless to say another wonderful addition to their discography.


Yunhyeong and Chanwoo welcome us in the typical YouTube fashion, they both sure do have interesting vlogs on their respected channel. iKON’s behind the scenes has always been fun, they are quite comfortable in their own pacing and the way they conduct themselves. Probably that is why they made a track called ‘At Ease’ for the final stage. We have the whole prison theme going on here and obviously, they don’t fail to spread their ikonic energy around here.


SF9 had us swooning last week as they performed Taemin’sMove‘. Before the final performance, they all gathered in a greenhouse, gifting each other and taking a walk down their kingdom memory lane. They kept it simple and charming in this final round with ‘Believer’ in terms of both performance and the music itself. 


Music Chart Rankings:

  1. The Boyz
  2. Stray Kids
  3. BtoB
  4. ATEEZ
  5. iKON
  6. SF9

Final Ranking and the crown goes to……..

  1. Stray Kids
  2. The Boyz
  3. ATEEZ
  4. BTOB
  5. iKON
  6. SF9
STRAY KIDS winner of Kingdom: Legendary War

Final Thoughts

Kingdom was all fun with their themes and all the concepts. With few hits and misses here and there we definitely have found performances worth remembering. 

Looking forward to seeing where the teams will head from here!

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