Kingdom Legendary War Rundown – Episode 9

(Kingdom Legendary War Episode 5 aired on 27 May, 7:50 pm KST)

Episode 9 covers the remaining four performances from NO LIMIT Round. Lets dive right into it!


For part 2 of NO LIMIT, BToB chose to go ahead with one of their songs which have never been sung live before but are loved by Melody (fandom). The track ‘Blue Moon’ from their EP ‘This is Us’, is a jazz number that is a fan favorite, definitely something to look forward to considering their previous rock and roll performance.

To add wow elements they bring in a military band and G-IDLE’s Miyeon. In a short amount of time, they took us through it all, so much so I wish this was a drama. In (Ateez) San’s words, “I think it was perfect from beginning to end.”


The behind the scenes didn’t give away much about what their performance would be like except the choice of the song. It held a special meaning to them as it was the last song they performed in front of their fans. They were watching concert videos, which showed an auditorium full of audience, making me reminisce about the good old days.

They performed ‘Answer’, one of my personal favourites from their discography. To add up to it they reinvented the track with Ode to Joy and collaborated with La Poem taking it all to the next level.


Behind the scenes we see SF9 going through their fans’ comments on the Who’s Fan app. They discussed wanting to perform a sexy number that will suit their style but wished to be more daring and to showcase a never seen before version of them. And to do so they performed Taemin’s ‘Move’.

This was by far the best SF9 performance in Kingdom, and everything I expected of them when I first saw the lineup of the show. The choreography was on point, Chani did great despite all the initial struggle.


The Boyz are very much in sync and always have had good choreographies, and we get to see them master their new piece for this round as part of their behind the scenes package.

It was quite a toned-down performance, considering the minimal staging as opposed to the usual. They entirely focused on the choreography for this time around with ‘Monster’ by EXO. No one saw the snake or Sunwoo coming out of it for that matter, but it was cool. Other than that their stage seemed lacking, on the flip side, it was an enjoyable performance that proves that they are impactful even without all the extra fun elements. 

Ranking as per Expert Evaluation:

1. Stray Kids

2. SF9

3. The Boyz


5. ATEEZ & iKON 

Ranking as per Self Evaluation:

1. SF9

2. Stray Kids


4. The Boyz

5. iKON 


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