Kingdom Legendary War Rundown – Episode 8

(Kingdom Legendary War Episode 7 aired on May 20, 7:50 pm KST)

Without wasting much time they dive right into the evaluation of the Dance Unit from episode 7. A few minutes before the announcement I’m sure hearts were racing to know which group won the round. 

Mayfly won the dance round, which was kind of expected I suppose given their dynamics. Not so much that one group was better than the other here, just the matter of personal taste. I suppose it depended on whether you were looking for a story or something that would pump you up. Moving onto the Vocal round which is the last segment of part one from our theme  NO LIMIT. 


It’s One (Jay,  Ju-Ne, Jaeyoon, Inseong, Sangyeon & New) 

SF9 seems to be under a lot of pressure as they wish to prove themselves. Behind the  scenes we have them harmonising together and experimenting with the tunes. The pressure certainly doubles up given their losses from the last two rounds. 

The group chose to perform Sparks by Taeyeon, giving us all chills and goosebumps. Ju He shined out the most here. On the other hand, it was sad to see Inseong in tears due to his little mishap in the performance. Though he shouldn’t be burderend by it, as it was a good performance overall and will only lead to more opportunities. 

Mayfly (EunKwang, Jongho & Seungmin)

Mayfly’s vocal unit consisted of EunKwang, Jongho & Seungmin and they decided to recreate IU’s Love Poem. EunKwang rearranged the song and even took over the role of music professor giving out a few pointers to Jongho & Seungmin. 

As they began to sing I was entranced and waiting for an angel to descend to earth or them to pop out their hidden wings. They sang beautifully to the point where they won this round by bagging all the 33 votes from the expert panel.

Part 2 of NO LIMIT

Mayfly and Its One’s journey has come to an end and part two of NO LIMIT has begun. So basically, they are free to do anything they wish. Free to choose their own theme, collaborations, etc. 


Somewhere between mukhbang and having heart to heart they decided to perform a hit number that stands for everything they believe. iKON chose to perform a reinvented version of Blackpink’s Pretty Savage. 

The highlight of their performance was none other than Lisa and of course their acting. Musically speaking they switched up the lyrics and made it sound more like an iKON track. It would have been more fun to see Lisa and the boys perform together rather than performing on two different sets altogether. Anyways to sum it up it was entertaining, i feel like if iKON were to throw a party it would look something like this. 


From someone who heard Stay Kids for the first time on Kingdom I stan them now. I love how experimental they are and are never afraid to go all out with their concepts. They definitely didn’t hold back in this round either. 

Coincidentally they also chose a Blackpink song, making me curious as to what groups will choose. They remixed Blackpink’s  DDU-DU DDU-DU with their track God’s menu. Somehow a rice cooker, deadpool, subway & a tank mashup tastefully here i suppose. 

The staging seemed a bit too much in both the performances, but it works out in the end though. Watching iKON perform is always fun, they make you groove with them. But, personally for me this wasn’t their best. Gunplay will never not be awkward to see, I mean when in the world someone who is using firearms starts dancing. 

Lets see what the other teams have cooked up for the NO LIMIT round in the next episode. 

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