Kingdom Legendary War Rundown – Episode 4

Kingdom Legendary War Rundown – Episode 4 

(Kingdom Legendary War Episode 4 aired on 22 April, 7:50 pm KST)

Episode 4 starts off by giving us a glimpse into each team’s discussion at their respective agencies. ATEEZ are happy and can’t wait to celebrate with their fans. BtoB are seen acknowledging the fact that they need to come up with stronger concepts and creative ways of storytelling. iKON’s Jun-hoe feels the need to be more confident about his dancing. THE BOYZ wish to steadily climb the ranking list, whilst Stray Kids are regretful yet happy at the same time. The atmosphere seems tense in SF9’s conference room after ranking last in the first round. Followed by our mysterious expert panel sending feedback to each team, reviewing their performance from Round 1. 

Round 2: Re-Born 

In Round 2 i: Re-Born, the challenge for each team is to reinterpret a song from their opponents discography. Pairings for this round is as such – 


Stray Kids & BTOB


Performance by SF9

The bottom rank from Round 1 did push SF9 to up their game. To present a more impactful performance and to do justice to the storytelling the members were seen taking both acting & combat lessons. They performed ‘The Stealer’ by THE BOYZ with an arrangement that sounded more like their style. Overall, it was like watching a short action packed film with the twist of ken-speckle dance breaks. SF9 showed their undefeatable will through this performance, as they successfully stole the crown. 

Performance by THE BOYZ

The behind-the scene-package of THE BOYZ was both fun and sad. It was hilarious seeing them trying to replicate SF9’s legendary waterwheel move from K.O, on the other hand it was sad to see them struggling and being stressed over rankings. A special meeting was set up with members of ONEUS, VERIVERY & ONF (colleagues from RTK) to lift up their spirits and help them find a direction. 

THE BOYZ’s interpretation of SF9’s ‘O Sole Mio’ set the stage on fire. For Round 2 they reinterpreted the original Latin pop tune to their signature rhythm. Everything right from the tango duet in the beginning to their in-sync group choreography till the end and all the added elements made their performance flawless. It was quite a well-rounded performance and their bottom ranking seems very unfair.

Performance by iKON 

We get to witness the developing friendship between the two teams in the behind the scenes package. iKON’s been putting up great performances and unlike other groups, we can see them focusing less on the rankings and more on putting up a fun performance. The group was conflicted between the two tracks ‘Inception’ and ‘Answer’, but finally decided to go with the first choice as they could experiment massively with the sound of the track. 

iKON’s version of the song didn’t sound like ATEEZ’s ‘Inception’ whatsoever. They created a hip-hop version of the track and changed the chorus entirely; the pre-show scenes also showed how they kept changing the chorus and choreography until they were satisfied. Their concept of beyond time and space was put forth using the set inspired by the movie Inception. It’s hard not to enjoy an iKON track, given their flair for amazing performances. 

Adding to last week’s ranking – 

Rankings as per Stream Counts:

1. Stray Kids

2. iKON




6. SF9

Ranking as per Global Evaluation:

1. Stray Kids

2. SF9

3. iKON




Stray Kids seems to be dominating the rankings so far. It was shocking to see THE BOYZ rank last given their outstanding performances. The stream counts and global evaluation is sure to keep challenging the other evaluation metrics and will be a deciding factor for final rankings.

Read the rundown for the remaining three performances from round two in rundown of Episode 5. 


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