Kingdom: Legendary War, Episode 3 Rundown

Kingdom Legendary War Episode 3 aired on 15 April, KST. Let us dive right into the remaining three performances from Round 1.  

(Note: The performance review below is in order of selection by Stray Kids as seen in the episodes)

Stray Kids

Stray Kids pre-show moments were quite elaborate; they were seen discussing with more than a handful of JYP staff about their song selection. After deciding on a remix of ‘Gods Menu’ + ‘Side Effect’ the boys were seen practicing the choreography that also required them to act and not just dance. Wooyoung from 2PM also visited them during their rehearsals to offer support and advice. 

So where did they end up with a mashup of two intense songs? Firstly, the songs don’t fail to show the unique sound of Stray Kids. The performance was filled with moments that do not go unnoticed including impeccable shadow moments between Bang Chan and the dancer underneath the platform, to the pendulum moment trying to hypnotize Han, bringing a photo frame to life and the whole part where they are controlling the evil while using ribbons as props. 

The concept was strong and executed perfectly; the boys went from being controlled to someone that controls. 


ATEEZ ranked last in the introduction stage and they took it as an opportunity to literally turn things around. In the preshow section, HongJoong took us on the brainstorming and music production journey. He consulted with producer and label senior Eden who bounced out this wonderful idea of giving the original song a classical mix. They finalized ‘Symphony No.9. From The Wonderland‘; a remixed edition of their track ‘Wonderland’ with Dvořák: Symphony No.9.

ATEEZ stuck with their pirate theme for this round as well and performed wonderfully. The performance was power-packed as usual and took us on a journey to the Caribbean. From the start to end it was pretty much like watching the movie come to life.

To sum up their performance they navigated the ocean, beat Kraken, shooking dance break and Jong-ho stunned everyone with his high note. They were undoubtedly the best act of the evening in terms of both performance and music.


SF9 was the last team to perform and for the pre-show, they took us behind the scenes of their individual schedules, where they were seen taking advice from their colleagues. They performed an orchestral arrangement of ‘Jealous (Now or Never)‘. 

The concept revolved around stealing beauty, which left us with a dramatic performance. They brought the concept to life with a red scarf that symbolizes beauty and mirrors. Seeing Jaeyoon struggle with the jump was sad, but the near-perfect ending at the end was satisfying. Their performance was strong and dramatic, but one can’t deny that it was lacking in comparison to all the over-the-top Kingdom performances. 

Personally, what makes the show more entertaining is to see these teams have fun during the performance. It is also delightful to see such a healthy competitive environment where everyone is striving to be the best and also cheering upon their idols and friends from other teams. Idols are seen trying to reach as close to perfection as possible, meanwhile also conquering their fear. 

Ranking as per expert panel:

5. BTOB/iKON (tie)

4. SF9

3. The Boyz

2. Stray Kids


Ranking as per self-evaluation:

6. SF9

5. iKON


3. The Boyz

2. Stray Kids


The global fan voting is yet to be considered and it might change these current rankings altogether. Who do you think will win Round 1? 

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