Kingdom: Legendary War, Episode 2 Rundown

Kingdom: Legendary War, Episode 2 Rundown

(Kingdom Legendary War Episode 2 aired on 8 April, 7:50 pm KST)

Wondering which team got the head start with 1000 points from the Introduction Stage? 

Final Ranking from Introduction Stage

6. iKON


4. SF9

3. BtoB

2. The Boyz

1. Stray Kids

iKon ranking 6th place was kinda unexpected for me given their popularity and chart-topping discography. But, on the other hand, it is understandable as their focus lies more on their sound and persona rather than elaborate concepts. ATEEZ stood at 5th place, whilst SF9 ranked 4th, both the teams showed their strengths and I am curious to see how their performance will be from here on. 

BtoB ranked 3rd and were quite satisfied with their ranking. They played their merits well and truly stuck out with their ballad. The Boyz who won the Road to Kingdom ranked second this round, which is a pretty good place to start this season. They truly don’t disappoint and with Stray Kids coming 1st, we are pretty much in for an exciting battle ahead. 

The teams have started bucking up since the Introduction stage. The themes from each round will only allow them to explore and showcase something new on stage. 

Round 1: To The World 

The theme for the first round was โ€œTo The Worldโ€, where each team had to relay their message to the world. It is a very vague theme, to begin with, but the groups were free to sing the song they wish, tell a story they feel is worth telling. The highest-ranking team will be rewarded with 20,000 points. 

(The performance review below is in order of selection by Stray Kids as seen in the episode)

The Boyz 

The boys decided to perform a reimagined version of their song NO AIR which helped them win the rookie of the year title. It is evident that they feel the pressure of upholding their winner status from Road to Kingdom and to do so they aren’t afraid of diving to the deepest end. They literally went underwater so that they could enact the correct emotions of feeling trapped. Their drive can be seen as they are willing to experiment in such an unconventional environment. 

A Song of Ice & Fire was the core theme of their performance. They had multiple elements that brought the performance together creating a wonderful storyline. The POV format was engaging, their expressions were so on point, use of fireworks, visual effects, and the nightwalkers dancing in the background was cherry on top of the cake. Unfortunately, the underwater video segment they shot was briefly part of their performance and I preferred the original sound of the track more. Anyways, what I really like about this group is that they always leave you wondering what next.


Put your dancing shoes on and dance along, as we witness iKON put up a musical for us. They performed a compilation of their hit tracks Love Scenario and Killing Me. Both the songs are opposite but remixed into one fine piece of art. Their biggest asset is that they always nudge with their music to get off the seats and dance along with them.

During their preparation, we noticed how they showed great sportsmanship and took their last rank (from the introduction stage) as a motivation booster. For round 1 they were seen taking suggestions from Mino & Seungyoon (WINNER) and Chani (SF9). 


It is always fun to watch the Btob prep for their performances as they tend to keep it lighthearted. I was curious to see if they will stir clear from the ballad and try something on the lines of performances done by younger groups. Well, they did try something new and I must say they are best at what they do. 

We were blessed with a rearranged version of MISSING YOU which is influenced by traditional Korean music. The performance left us mystified thanks to the ethereal environment they created. Minhyuk stole the show with his epic sword fight though; The whole performance radiated the vibe of theatrical wonder.  

The remaining 3 performances will be showcased in episode 3. Stay tuned to see what ATEEZ, SF9 and Stray Kids have in store for us. 

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