KARD Deliver A Powerful Performance in ‘Gunshot’

KARD make an intense return with ‘Gunshot’, on 26 August 2020, along with their first single album, ‘Way With Words‘. The album contains three tracks, including ‘Gunshot‘. The song gives weight to verbal abuse within toxic relationships.

The song’s arrangement is nothing new for KARD. It uses a similar trap sound but with more melodic vocals. Their music video was vulnerable and emotional, removing the tougher exterior that KARD has previously displayed. The realist idea bleeds through the lyrics as it poetically recalls the painful words but regains their strength.

It’s like you control me
Without you I’m lonely
But you are not

Your words are like a gun shot
I’m bleeding love


The strength is in the lyrics, such as “I can’t stand it anymore for my own sake” and “They hit me like a gunshot / I’ve bled enough“. KARD delivers an important message about verbal abuse and manipulative behaviour, simultaneously educating their audience. Overall, their vocals are raw, while also maintaining their stylish confidence. ‘Gunshot‘ does not disappoint.

Check out KARD’s ‘Gunshot’ below!

Caution: The video contains violence.



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