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Industry genius LambC recently came out with his first full length album ‘I’ll See You When I See You’. Hallyure had the pleasure to talk to the South Korean singer-songwriter and a producer based on R&B/Soul music artist LambC, who had debuted in 2015 once again. You can read the previous interview here.

In this interview, LambC gets candid about the meanings of his songs, co-producing the album with sh, and more. 

First of all, how have you been?

It has been a busy time, but I’ve been enjoying myself. I have been resting up these past few weeks since I am done with my masters. 


How are things post-covid for you? Are they getting back to normal or have they changed completely?

I think my lifestyle has definitely changed a lot. I Have been staying home more these days, and investing more in my home life. I don’t think I have bought any clothing in the past few months. Workwise, everything is pretty much the same, recording, mixing, writing songs; not much has changed. 

In the previous interview, you spoke about how you wanted your songs to be heartfelt and emotional, I believe your single ‘When My Heart Breaks’ is a result of it. Would you like to tell us more about it?

The song has a very heartfelt and emotional meaning. I wanted my song and songwriting to be as honest and open as possible. Whenever I write love or heartbreak songs, I try to write them based on my past emotions. For this song, I wanted to convey to listeners that heartbreaks are not fun at all, they get very warlike. 

LambC – When My Heart Breaks

What is the story behind this single? it is quite different from your usual musical flavour. 

I want all my songs to be heartfelt and emotional, as honest as possible in terms of songwriting. In terms of lyrics, people can understand why I wrote it. Sonically, I wanted to try something very different from what Iam used to. It was very fun experimenting with my producer, sh. I loved how it turned out. 

You mentioned you wanted to work on a rock song in our previous interview, how was it like to finally be able to do that?

I think it was a lot of fun because I got to break out of my usual territory. I was quite uncomfortable at first, I’m not used to making rock music, my voice is not made for it but I had to make it work, it was difficult but in the end it was all worth it. 

The music video for the single was so fun and quirky, who came up with the idea for it?

In terms of ‘When My Heart Breaks’, I directed it from start to finish. I had a very accurate vision of what I wanted it to look like,very fun and quirky, with a hint of combative drama. I had to redo the recording of the protools shots at least 20 times, in the end we shot the video in our company with the help of green screens. It was painful but definitely worth it. It was a very enjoyable procedure. 

Your cat was featured in the song. Please tell us more about your pet.

My cat Udi is an Abyssinian cat. I love Toy Story so much, I named him after the character Woody. He is one and a half years old, and is very active, and talkative. I love him dearly. 

Noticed that you played the instrumentals for this song, it’s like a one man band. How do you come up with the tune and beats for every instrument?

I think the reason behind me being able to relate to all instruments is because I grew up going to a Church, and used to fiddle around with all kinds of instruments, mainly drums and bass. Because of that, I know what kind of arrangement should be done in what situation. Whenever I start working on a song, I already have 90% of the arrangement in my head. It comes to me naturally. I also listen to new melodies, arrangements, sounds, and trends to keep up to date. I think being able to play a bit of everything does help a lot. 

Your latest single ‘Jelly’ is quite experimental with minimalistic melodies. What was the inspiration behind the track?

I really wanted to keep Jelly as simple as possible. The initial guitar theme continues throughout the song, and I wanted to keep it that way. It was kind of tricky because I had to make sure the main vocal line didn’t get into the way of the guitar line. The reason behind the minimalist melody is because if I had added more, it would have ruined the song. 

LambC – Jelly

The contrast of monochrome background and colourful Jellies is quite striking, how did you come up with it?

Jelly is another music video that my team and I directed. I wanted the contrast of monochrome and colour for the thumbnail. I wanted my bandmates to wear the same colour. I wanted the instant hook of attention for the viewers. It was a fun project.

Is there anyone you approach for advice on your songs?

Not really, but once I’m done with a song, Iask my closest friends and family for feedback. I like to see the reactions of my friends when they hear my song.However I don’t like to change the song much even after feedback, because that is the way I prefer it.

Your last single emotional was minimalist and quite in contrast with the latest release. Did you intend it to happen this way?

No, I don’t write songs based on genres, I write them based on emotions. Whatever sounds I put in a song is what I feel is appropriate, and if it is similar to a genre I’m fine with it. it’s a very natural process of choosing and creating songs. 

Can you tell us more about your ‘I’ll See You When I See You’ music project?

My first full length album came out on April 22. I co-produced for the very first time with a very close friend and ex-roommate from my Berkeley days, sh. It was a very unique experience since I never co-write because we tend to clash alot when it comes to choosing melodies, but with him it all came naturally. We were quite in sync about what melodies to put, our work was quite fluid. He is also an engineer, so we worked remotely. We were able to finish the song ‘Starlights’ in just 3 days. I Included all the songs that I think are my best work so far. 

LambC – Fortune Teller ft. Stella Jang

Last but not least, is there anything you want to talk about?

Thank you everyone for tuning in. My album was released on April 22, please share my music if you liked it, and I Hope to see you soon!

LambC – I’ll See You When I See You

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