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Hwang Chi Yeul’s ‘Be My Reason’; a balladic treat

Hwang Chi Yeul Be My Reason

Renowned Ballad artist Hwang Chi Yeul released his 3rd mini-album ‘Be My Reason’ on 2nd April 2021. This comes 2 years and 3 months after his previous album ‘The Four Seasons’ which came out in January 2019.

Be My Reason’ is a mini-album consisting of 6 songs and 2 instrumental tracks, all revolving around the theme of love and reason. “Everyone has their own reason to live,” says the official description. And this album prompts the listeners to reflect on their ‘reasons’.

You are the reasonLyrics & Composition: Phenomenotes
Arrangement: MELODESIGN
안녕이란 (Two Letters) – TitleLyrics & Composition: Escape
Arrangement: Escape
그대가 사라진다 (She`s Gone)Lyrics & Composition: Escape
Arrangement: Escape
비가와 (Rain)Lyrics & Composition: Escape
Arrangement: Escape
사랑은 왜 어려운 걸까 (I Didn’t Know)Lyrics & Composition: Escape
Arrangement: Escape
사랑해 널 지우지도 못할만큼 (Unforgettable)Lyrics & Composition: Hwang Chi Yeul
Arrangement: Escape
안녕이란 (Two Letters)Instrumental
그대가 사라진다 (She`s Gone)Instrumental
Hwang Chi Yeul ‘Be My Reason’ Tracklist

The first song in the tracklist links the album name to the rest of the songs. ‘You Are The Reason’ is a pleasant song about the initial phases of love. Hwang Chi Yeul utilizes his emotional vocals to sing how his lover is the reason for so many good things in his life.

Be My Reason’ narrates a story of the first “Hello” of love to the final “Goodbye” of parting – both having the common Korean word ‘안녕’. From this comes the title track “Two Letters”, whose Korean title translates to <The thing called 안녕>. Two letters, with its touching music video, starts the twist in the narrative. With busy schedules and fading connections, we see how the ‘reason’ from the first song slowly grows apart.

Hwang Chi Yeul – ‘Two Letters’ Official MV

The third track ‘She’s gone’ is where the realization sets in that the person he valued so much is no longer in his life. It recalls the empty words of ‘I can’t live without you’ and Hwang wonders how the lover has moved on so easily while he struggles to accept the reality every single day.

In the 4th track ‘Rain‘ is a song of hope for the lover to come back. “If I walk on the road that we used to tread together when it rains, maybe I’ll meet you again”. This is followed by ‘I Didn’t Know’, where the singer vents his anger at separation. “Why is love so difficult?” is the self-explanatory Korean title of this song. Lastly, ‘Unforgettable’ is a sad ballad of heartbreak where he finally accepts that his lover has moved on. He reflects upon the whole journey of this relationship and realizes that it is too late to apologize for all that went wrong between them, and no matter what he says, she isn’t coming back. With this song, the album moves on to the final 2 instrumental tracks.

A ‘Reason’ to listen

Be My Reason’ is an album that portrays the strength of the hold our ‘reasons’ have on us, and is perhaps also a message to not take these for granted. True to his signature style, the album is filled with emotional ballads paired with poetic lyrics and appealing melody. With his 3rd mini-album, Hwang Chi Yeul takes a fresh approach to his music.
The new album is also a fresh start in that it is Hwang Chi Yeul’s first official release under Ten2 Entertainment, Hwang’s independent music label.

You can listen to Hwang Chi Yeul’s 3rd mini-album ‘Be My Reason’ on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music.

Image courtesy of Ten2 Entertainment
Video courtesy of Kakao Entertainment (on behalf of TEN2 Entertainment)

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