Hoya sheds tears about a painful love in ‘Stay with me’

On 9 June 2021, Hoya released his new single, ‘Stay with me’, along with a digital single, ‘1AM’. The singer wrote and composed the song.

The song is an emotional ballad and shows Hoya performing on the piano. He serenades a woman, the person he still loves and pours all of his feelings to her. The lyrics drip with longing as he sings in a soft and passionate voice. The video expresses how dramatic his feelings towards her, as they look at each other with a painful but yearning gaze. He sings, “We’re standing in eternity / Whenever I see how we resemble each other / It feels like I’m dreaming / Don’t let go of my hand, as if it’s the last time”. It’s refreshing to see this from the former INFINITE member on his journey as a soloist.

Check out Hoya’s ‘Stay with me’ here –

HOYA – Stay with me

Image/Video Courtesy- Stone Music Entertainment (on behalf of Glorious Entertainment).

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