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Heartbreaks are unique to everyone who experiences it. But there are some themes that are common to every parting. One such theme is nostalgia. Yet another, more subjective experience is that of losing the best friend one had in their lover.

The collaboration between Korean Indies pop musician Herzanalog and Cho Mingyu of the Crossover group Forestella is a song called ‘친구 (Friend)’, a ballad that paints an emotional picture of heartache, loneliness, longing, and love.

We give many roles to the person we love, without realising it say the artists about the song, “So, the time after breaking up is painful; but (the person here) doesn’t want to regret that love”.

Accordingly, ‘Friend’ is a song about the seeming emptiness of one’s world after saying goodbye to the person who had seeped into all parts of one’s life, and nostalgia for the happier times they had spent together as lovers and best friends.

Herzanalog (left) and Cho Mingyu (right) for their new collaboration '친구 (Friend)'
Herzanalog (left) and Cho Mingyu (right) for their new collaboration ‘친구 (Friend)’

Saying little to say a lot:

The accompanying music video for ‘Friend‘ is a recording of the two artists in a plainly set room, Mingyu singing and Herz on the keyboard. The song uses minimal accompanying instruments, starting with the theme melody on keys, followed by subtle bass and rhythm-building percussion that end with the melody on the keys again. Mingyu’s smooth vocals are markedly different from what is usually seen of him as part of Forestella. ‘Friend’ sees lesser classical grandeur and more unadorned simplicity that goes perfectly with the ambiance of the track.

A candid yet sentimental diction and repeating sections of the song mimic the mental state of a person in the period following a break-up – lost and in pain. The melody is more soothing than sad, with a nostalgic feel to it – like a warm embrace in the empty darkness, reveling in a flowery past and mourning faded forevers. The minimal use of decorative elements, be it in the lyrics, instruments or the vocals helps create an authentic mood and makes ‘Friend‘ stand apart from the other heartbreak songs out there.

Behind The Scene:

A collaboration between the ‘sunbae-hoobae’ pair, ‘Friend’ was reportedly initiated 5 years ago, and finally sees completion now. The song is written, composed, and produced by Indie singer/song-maker Herzanalog, who has also handled the keyboard and MIDI arrangement. Cho Mingyu of the Pop-Classical Crossover group Forestella has provided vocals with Kim Yongwook on guitar and Kwak Minjin on bass.

The song ‘Friend’ is available along with an instrumental version on Spotify and Apple Music.

Let yourself indulge fully into the mood of the song through the music video:

HerzanalogXChoMingyu “친구 (Friend)” Music Video


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  1. Honestly this article brings out the true essence of the song! I loved the song and I loved reading about it even more in this article!🥺💖 The song is just as described here… ‘more soothing than sad’

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