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Have “Get Away” to the mad festive party along with VERIVERY!

Verivery Get Away

VERIVERY released their single album “SERIES ā€˜Oā€™ ROUND 1: HALL” on March 2, 2021. The album consists of 3 tracks with two digital tracks and one CD-only track. The tracklist includes “Get Away”, “Numbness” and “Thank you, NEXT?”. This album is an extension of their ongoing theme and can be accounted as an extension to the story.

An official music video was also released for the title track“Get Away”.

You may watch the video here –


About “SERIES ā€˜Oā€™ ROUND 1: HALL”

Portraying an exciting story about dark and cold doppelgangers, another event takes place. Acting as an extension of the “FACE IT” series, which was presented “facing numerous virtues hidden inside us”. This album will unravel itself like a movie.

the letter “O” represents a lot of symbols and holds various meanings. It can represent geometric points, holes, dots, eyes, lenses, circulation, infinite possibilities, loops, and connections. VERIVERY has used this symbolism and created this album’s concept.

The digitally streamable tracks are Get Away and Numbness. They bind the album together with their own dimensions. They also add a certain depth and detail to the tailoring of the album to suit the concept presented to the listeners. The digital tracklist credits are as below!

Track NameLyrics CompositionArrangement
Get AwayJo Su-jin, WklyRajan Muse, Jan Baars,
Charlotte Wilson,
Chanti, Jacob Aaron, Noerio,
Frankie Day, THE HUB 88 of THE HUB and JQ
Rajan Muse, Jan Baars of THE HUB
NumbnessIsranKang Han-YongKang Han-Yong
Music Credits

The song features a combination of reggae and pop-based layering and having the essence of experimental pop and electronic bass. Having congo beats as the main melody and bass, the melody has added its own dimension. It is an impressive song with a unique yet intense colour and addictive chorus.

The powerful vocals and rap balance the impact on the overall complexity of the song. Additionally VERIVERY also softens the impact transcending into a dreamy yet crisp outcome.

The Ways of a “Crazy” Party in “Get Away”

The music video begins with VERIVERY getting an invitation from someone. This party is special and you have to come together connect the 7 points and only then can you enter the party. They follow the steps and suddenly find themself at a grand party. The party is more spectacular and grander than anyone can imagine.

After consuming the food the members get intoxicated and start acting roughly and they are constantly being monitored by their doppelgangers “VRVR“. Towards the end of the party, they are being held at gunpoint by their doppelgangers.

The lyrics compliment the song and music video fully. They often repeat the phrases “Get, getaway, but you can’t get out.” and “what is a fantasy to the one who has already covered his eyes“. An excerpt from the lyrics is below –

Iā€™m gonna get, get away ė‚  ź¹Øģš“ play
Ya breaking down ģ§€ģ³ź°€ ģ“ėŒė¦¼ģ— panic

my getaway is your pain
Running from me, running from you
Iā€™m just a getaway


Music, Images and Videos – Genie Music, Stone Music Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment

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