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Feel I.M’s “DUALITY” in his newest single “GOD DAMN”!

I.M ์•„์ด์—  'GOD DAMN'

Monsta X’s rapper I.M released his 1st solo mini-album “DUALITY” on 19 February 2021. The album consists of 5 songs including the title “God Damn“. The side B tracks include “Howlin'”, “Burn”, “Happy to Die” and “flower-ed”. I.M has participated in writing and composing of all the tracks in the mini-album. His influence is vividly felt while listening to them. You may find the detailed music credits are in the tale below.

HowlinI.MThe Need, Long Drive, I.MThe Need, Long Drive
BurnI.MLong Drive, I.MLong Drive
flower-edI.MLong Drive, I.MLong Drive
Music Credits for DUALITY

Connecting the dots of “DUALITY”

The album “DUALITY” is a metaphorical album conveying the process of finding the inner self from the distant reality. I.M has created his own parallel world with music depicting their inner stories through the songs. While the title track “God Damn,” is the centre of this world. It evolves the story as one proceeds transcending emotions like sorrow, yearn, happiness and more.

Listen to the album on apple music here!

Delving deep into “GOD DAMN”

The Music

I.M has moved forward with a completely different music texture this time. “God Damn” is an RnB and Soul track with a hint of Hip- Hop. It starts with an interesting side to side audio stimulus, followed by the future base and warp layers. Adorning a constant kick-drum and cymbal melody and coupled with I.M’s husky voice and rapping style, the song delivers the emotions completely. It uses a lot of sighs and reverbed adlibs in the layering that makes it even more seductive.

The Lyrics

The lyrics talk about when one is anxious and is trapped in something they force themselves to like it. Even when the situations bound to negative, we force ourselves try to accept things and say “I like it”. We are stuck and yet we seek for salvation. Searching for that one last bit of hope, even on the darkest day when things to end! Wandering around in circles tirelessly not being happy and yet having no choice but to say they are. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics –

God damn it, I like it
Kiss me down till Iโ€™m naked
I just need you, need you, need you
Gimme a shot to over everything
God damn it, I like it

God Damn – I.M

The Video

The album’s name “DUALITY” is completely transcended into the music video for “God Damn“. Effortlessly depicting a trapped existence, wanting to escape but circling in the same place over and over. I.M has done an extremely good job portraying his character, a person who is trapped in a situation and canโ€™t ask for help because they are in too deep.

The “God Damn” music video has a deep and abstract story. Surrounded by desire-driven people and having the familiarity of an unfamiliar place, a club where the party never ends. this partying is a mask covering the sadness of an endless cycle of desperation and despair. Just like the scene where IM is alone on the bed surrounded by people but still be alone.

The video emphasises that people have masked their reality with outward happiness. Because on the inside they all have anxiety, insecurities and are heartbroken people who need the warmth of love. The ventilator mask can also a metaphor for how much the character has gone through that he is having difficulty breathing with all the things going on and yet he wants to be at the party.

You may watch the video of the title “God Damn” here!


Music, video and image credits – Kakao M, Starship Entertainment

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