CHEETAH is not afraid to be a ‘Villain’ in her comeback single

CHEETAH (치타) released her new digital single ‘Villain’ on 26 February, 6 p.m KST.

She debuted under C9 Entertainment as a rapper and appeared as a rap mentor on shows like Produce 101 (Season 1 & 2) and Produce 48.

MV Review

CHEETAH comeback digital single ‘Villain’ features JAMIE. CEUDA Entertainment announced the comeback digital single on 18 Feb.

The beat, right at the start, while Cheetah walking in the line of vision with a gun in her hand had us reeling in. The video in itself is quite minimal but also very visually appealing.

Cheetah’s new single ‘Villain‘ has a rhythmic bassline and drum beats that will have you tapping your feet along to the rhythm. Jamie’s featuring in the track is like a cherry on top of the cake. The duo sounds too good together and we can only hope for more collaborations.

The powerful and intense persona played by CHEETAH in ‘Villain’ was a welcoming transformation to witness. An eye for an eye isn’t a solution, but let us just take the storyline as a work of fiction and enjoy its course.

You can watch the music video here:


Song Credits:

Lyrics by 치타, JAMIE (제이미)

Composed by 쟈코비

Arranged by 쟈코비

Recorded by Jon S Kim, 정모연 @Vibe Music Studio 606

Mixed by Jon S Kim

Mastered by 권남우 @821 Sound Mastering


Image/ Video: Stone Music Entertainment YouTube channel

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