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“Cheering song for you” is SURL and DAYBREAK’s new collaborative single album

Rock bands SURL and DAYBREAK collaborate to release the single album “Cheering song for you” on 20 October 2020. The single album contains 2 singles, “Go On!” by DAYBREAK and “Shine” by SURL, both bands are under Happy Robot Records.

SURL is an indie rock band that made its debut in 2017. The members of the band are – Ho Seung (Guitar, Vocalist), Han Bin (Bass), Myung Suk (Drums), and Do Yeon (Guitar). Some of their best songs are- “Dry Flower”, “Snow” and “Don’t Say No”. We at Hallyure had the opportunity of interviewing them. Check out the interview here for more insight on the band.

Rock band DAYBREAK made their debut in 2007 with the album “Urban Lifestyle”. A memorable moment for the band is when they took part in the Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics in 2018 as torchbearers. Some of their best releases up until now would be – “Romantic”, “kickkick”, and “Love actually”. The members of the group are- Won Suk (Vocals), Yu Jong (Guitar), Sun Il (Bass), Jangwon (Keyboard) and Hong Jun (Drums), who is a guest member.

Daybreak’s “Go On!”-

Written and composed by DAYBREAK’s Won Suk himself, the song is dedicated to cheer on the webtoon artist Lee Jinhee. It is meant to lift of the spirits of someone who’s drowning due to a lack of motivation.

Everyone painted the same color

and everyone said the same lines,

A common story,

A story that has become obvious

I don’t know why it should be?


They sing about how we all have access to the same colours and same words in life cutting down the possibility to creativity. They question, why must I be bound to these colours and words and create the same story?

The night is just the shadow of midday

The sun is above my head If there is,

The shadows will disappear under my feet


The night’s darkness is a confirmation that light does exist and all we must do is find it; until then we must persevere and eventually the sun shall find us. They ask us not to let this temporary phase overwhelm us and to pick ourselves up and roll on with confidence like the sun that shines in our lives.

Don’t crouch (with confidence)

Confidently (walk)

Like the sun rising and rolling

So as not to be shaken (brightly)

Brilliantly (walk)

So as not to lose my light

Go on


The song starts off with a hip and catchy guitar riff and the rest of the musical ensemble follows to build the tempo. The construction of the song is built in a brilliant way to offer a sense of confidence and motivation.

SURL’s Shine-

SURL – Shine

Written by Ho Seung of SURL and composed by the band themselves, this song was dedicated particularly to Kim Nahyeon, who has been running a fashion brand on her own for 3 years.

SURL released “Shine” music video on 22 October 2020 as promotional video for SK Telecom. The video features Kim Nahyeon and snippets into her work life. SURL are also shown singing their hearts out with an animated background mixed with different fabrics, aesthetics and props to create what is called a “mood board” (used in the fashion industry to set the direction of a new project). Towards the end a small clip of a video call between the band and Kim Nahyeon is shown where she thanks them while they promise to cheer her on.

When you can’t see

tell me

I am here

You are not alone

SURL – Shine

The song is a promise made by SURL to always stand by even during the murkiest of times. When lost, they will help us find our own way out; not by guiding us but by comforting us, for they believe we are the threads in our life, and we have got to sew the pieces together to create the final canvas.

Standing next to you

Brighter than now

I’ll shine on you

SURL – Shine

As you walk through the darkness pulling yourself together, you will find all the pieces that fit, and it will all be out of your effort. The end will be worth the struggle; assures SURL. They promise to shine on you until you find what you want.


The lights get brighter

What was invisible

You can now see

Look at all these things

It’s the place you made

The things you keep wanting

You now have

SURL – Shine

SURL’s warm tone soothes the soul. The tone of the song feels like a short movie that starts off from the bottom and keeps on rising; it hits a peak at the bridge and then “BOOM” the ending is when all is good.

Although both singles were written keeping in mind 2 artists, SURL and DAYBREAK hope these songs reach their audience and fill their hearts with warmth and comfort alike.

Listen to the single album on Spotify and Apple Music


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