LambC made a grand return with his first ever full-length album “I’LL SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU” on 22nd April, 2021. He, who has been presenting music to the public through singles and series EPs, is now here to show his musicality with the new full length album.

Constantly developing his musical skills and producing all the tracks on his own, LambC has proven his skills since he made his debut with a single “THE HERD” in 2015. In particular, songs such as “LOVE LIKE THAT,” “BEAUTY,” “CHILDISH” and “I WAS WRONG” first caught the attention of the audience allowing him to establish himself as an artist.

This album is not limited to a particular genre, LambC who constantly explores new things was a little experimental and took a big leap forward to present this album. The minimalistic instrumental composition, sophisticated pop style, and orderly performance makes the song easy to listen to, while the texture and restrained arrangement of music that remains evenly between all the tracks illustrates a pop sound.

The full English title song ‘Fortune Teller (Feat. Stella Jang)‘ is a song that expresses a subjective solution to love and romance that do not go as intended. With a lively rhythm and restrained vocal melody the song is enhanced and satisfies lo-fi and chill music listeners.

This Album consists of a total of 12 tracks in this album, The first track ‘EMOTIONAL‘ is the only R&B number in the album with a sensuous synthesizer , the next track ‘WHEN MY HEAR BREAKS‘ being a fast tempo song. The thrid track on the album ‘GIVE ME A REASON‘ is the track that shows the minimalism that the artist generally pursues creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Passing our title track, on ‘THE OTHER SIDE‘, this track stands out for its vocal harmony and R&B-style on top of a classic melody. Lyrics about longing that comes from a situation where you can’t meet people you miss. The sixth track on the album, ‘STAR-LIGHTS‘ has a dense synthesizer and bass sound that feels like hip-hop and the neat singing voices are tickling the ears.

The next track is ‘BAD FOR YOU‘, This is the double title track of the album . It is a track created on the fly in 1 hour by communicating with the viewers. This is a song characterized by a rhythmic arrangement that has an addictive chorus melody.

The eighth track is ‘JELLY‘ is a cute song which expresses the emotion jealousy which is often felt between lovers. ‘SUNGLASSES‘ is the 9th track which sings about having to take off your sunglasses to see the beauty that is overlooked by preconceived notions. The flow of the melody , the high tension, the instrumental composition of the latter half in the song, stand out.

FEELINGS‘, the 10th song, has repetitive intense chorus, intentionally twisted voice effects. The pop style music song progression that is not commonly heard makes this song experimental, where as the 11th track ‘CIRCLES‘ has a clean fast-tempo, pulsating rhythm. The last and final song in this album is called ‘WE DRIVE (FT. SH)‘ is a perfect drive song which indicates where to go after the release of this album.

Check out the music video for ‘Fortune Teller (feat. Stella Jang)’:

LambC (λž¨μ”¨) – Fortune Teller (Feat. μŠ€ν…”λΌμž₯) MV

Album Credits: Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by LambC and sh

Image/Video credits: Happy Robot Record

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