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BUZZ reminisce about their past in mini-album “The Lost Time”!


BUZZ released their much-awaited 3rd mini-album called “The Lost Time” on March 10, 2021. This is their first comeback of 2021 after a hiatus of 5 months.

BUZZ is a five-membered rock band that debuted on October 10, 2003. Known for their mellow and sentimental songs. This album is one of their self-written and composed albums. The title of the album “The Lost Time” holds a significant meaning to the group.

Their previous comeback was the single “REDS, Go Together” released on December 12, 2020. This is their first mini-album in almost two years.


Track NameLyrics ByComposed ByArranged By
AnalogueBUZZBUZZ차길완 / 이상준
Because It’s YouBUZZBUZZ차길완 / 이상준
LighthouseBUZZBUZZ차길완 / 이상준
RainBUZZBUZZ차길완 / 이상준
Tomorrow IsBUZZBUZZ차길완 / 이상준
ConsolationBUZZBUZZ차길완 / 이상준
The Lost Time – BUZZ

In the music video, we can see a special toddler trying to understand the digital world. Not understanding why people are unable to enjoy reality and keep their focus on their phones. Unable to account understand the value of reality. However, once their phones stop working they all are hit reality and its with unbearable pain.

You may the official music video for their “Analogue” on YouTube here!

BUZZ – Analogue

They live a life encapsulated within their phones.

Delving Deep into “Analogue”

The title song “Analogue” is of the electric blue genre. This music hits home with BUZZ since it’s their original genre. The layering has multiple layers giving it a rich and consistent rock feel. The vocals of the members add warmth and maturity. The guitar and keyboard lift the song’s mood and make it sound like a ballad.

The lyrics are about the philosophical agony of losing presence in the flow of time. For example, getting attached to their phones and not knowing how to function in society without them. Escaping reality using the digital world has become one of the biggest problems of Gen Y and Z.

Lamenting the time spent in the digital world. As one is just converting their “analogue” time into digital time. Here is a key excerpt from the song depicting digital lives are just like a simple bubble that can be popped with one simple touch.

A fake can’t be real
현실처럼 보여도

(Even if it seems like reality)
언제라도 스위치를 누르면
(Press the switch whenever you want)
끝이 날거야
(It’s gonna be over)

Analogue – BUZZ

Image, Music and Video Credits – Genie Music, Stone Music Entertainment, Long Play Music, In Next Trend

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