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BTS V drops Christmas single ‘Snow Flower’ (feat. Peakboy)

BTS‘s V (Taehyung) dropped a holiday single titled ‘Snow Flower‘ on 24 December 2020. The song is a collaboration between V and his friend and rapper PEAKBOY.

V and Peakboy participated in the production of the song. With hints of jazz, the song starts off with a slow and groovy vibe, with a saxophone solo mixed beautifully with the rest of the instrumental.

Snow Flower‘, which translates to a snowflake in Korean, symbolizes sympathy and consolation. It is the first flower to bloom in winter, conveying hope and new beginnings. Taehyung incorporates this symbolism in his song, creating a delicate mix of comfort and warmth.

Taehyung is known for his deep, sentimental lyrics and this song is no exception. He expresses his gratitude towards ‘White Angels‘, the frontline workers who have been risking themselves to save humanity every day.

Christmas comes with the spirit of gratitude, and Taehyung wants us to appreciate the love we have, for time cannot remain frozen forever. The snow returns each year, white and pure as always.

Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all

Bright mistletoes up above us, it’s just you and me

‘I love you’

Snow Flower Lyrics

In the message accompanying the single release, V talked about how this song is an apology for the delay of his mixtape, which he had earlier promised to be released in 2020.

But for now, he wants everyone to find comfort through his voice, “For today at least, I wish the white flowers come down into your heart and you are able to feel warm comfort and happiness even for a bit. “

Listen to the song here –

Snow Flower by V of BTS (feat. Peakboy)

Image/Audio Credits: Big Hit Entertainment

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