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BTS Jin reaches for the self in ‘Abyss’

BTS Jin Abyss Kim Seokjin

BTS ARMYs were in for a surprise when on 3rd December and just a couple of hours before his birthday, BTS member Jin dropped a Solo track called ‘Abyss’ on the group’s official SoundCloud. The upload is accompanied by a blog post where Jin sets the context and process of making this song. He says it doesn’t fit with the mood of birthday celebrations, but also that it would not have the same weightage if released at other times.

Though born of melancholy, ‘Abyss’ is a comforting song of acknowledging and sitting with one’s own darkness, ones own abyss. Jin is known for always handling the most uncomfortable situations with grace and maturity. And we find nothing less in Abyss, where he reassures the part of him sunken in a deep sea, that even though the darkness can not be erased, he’ll always be around when his darker side needs him.

‘Abyss’ by Jin on BTS Official SoundCloud

Beautiful things are rooted in pain:

In his blog post, Jin speaks about recently going through a phase of burnout and subsequently fighting self doubt and feelings of unworthiness on earning a Grammy nomination. ‘Without the confidence of having made a good song, if the result isn’t good, it’ll strengthen the feeling that I’ve reached a place that I don’t deserve to be at’ is the thought he says troubled him, because of the pressure of meeting expectations all the time. He further goes on to say that his talks with BigHit CEO Bang Shihyuk and Pledis Entertainment producer BUMZU gave him clarity and the courage to step up and put all the accompanying feelings into a song, from which ‘Abyss’ was born.

“너에게 갈수록 숨이 차오르고 넌 더 멀어지는 것 같아

더 깊은 바다로 들어간 건 아닐까”

As I go towards you, I run out of breath, and you seem still far away
Is it not that you’ve gone deeper into the sea?
-Lyrics from ‘Abyss’

The song begins with keys and synth, joined by the guitar as Jin sing of diving deep within his darkness to face and get to know his sad self, but feeling more and more distant as he goes. (Often, thinking more about the negative pushes us even deeper into the pit.) Towards its conclusion, Abyss develops into a powerful message that most of us can resonate with. We can not completely get rid of our darkness and the bad parts of us. But perhaps a better way to deal with it is to just wait patiently, listen to what it has to say and gently embrace it. The lyric part “I’ll be there. I’m always around you” is a reassurance to the most insecure and anxious parts of our selves. The song is sure to leave the listeners sad AND hopeful, comfortable as Jin always manages to do with his songs.

Made by the best!

Abyss is penned by Jin along with group leader RM, BigHit producer Pdogg and Pledis producer BUMZU (Kye BeomJu as Jin gratefully mentions in his message). While Pdogg has an extensive participation in BTS discography, BUMZU is known for co-writing and producing songs for Pledis Entertainment’s boy groups SEVENTEEN and NU’EST.

Jin’s birthday treat, solo song ‘Abyss’ is available to listen on SoundCloud. You can also leave your cheers for the birthday boy on his official blog post by telling him how you liked the song.

We at Hallyure wish Kim Seokjin a very happy birthday.

Image & Lyrics courtesy: BTS Official Blog

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