BOTOPASS debuts with a groovy song titled “FLAMINGO”!

Rookie girl group BOTOPASS (Born To Passion) debuted with a single titled “Flamingo” along with an official music video on the 26 August 2020.  Im Suran and Lee HyoJae (lalala studio) have co-written the song. The song was composed and arranged by B-Rock and Hot Sauce

BOTOPASS – Flamingo

The music initiates with a strong percussion which almost sounds like a congo or a bongo along with electric windpipes synth sounds. It is followed by a lain string piece of the same melody. This definitely makes it a dance-inducing track making it true to its “Dance” genre. 

The Music Video 

There is a lot of symbolism used in the music video. We can see the members of BOTOPASS in a “dark” and “light” tone setting. The “dark” ones are seen wearing black and red coloured clothing, depicting a manipulative self and the “light” tone one’s pure and naïve self.

The Lyrics 

Loca Amorosa boy 
Like a Flamingo Fly lala 
너는 특별해 뭔가 달라 

(You are speacial, the different one) 
Like a Flamingo  
색다른 나 
(My colour is different) 
Like a Flamingo  
뭔가 달라 
(I am different) 
Like a Flamingo Fly lala 

BOTOPASS – Flamingo

BOTOPASS imagines if they ever fall in love it will be an extraordinary one. They are all distinct and different just like a “Flamingo“. To love them you have to be special! So shine in the concrete jungle so they can see you and embrace you~

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BOTOPASS – Flamingo

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – NHN Bugs, Double X Entertainment, WKS ENE, JMG

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