On 16 October 2020, Black Swan made their powerful debut with ‘Tonight’, along with their first full album – ‘Goodbye Rania. The members consist of five talented girls – Youngheun, Fatou, Hyeme, Judy, and Leia. Fatou and Leia are Senegalese and Brazilian-Japanese respectively.

The concept is mature that showcases their charms and visual power. More than that, their vocals are perfect for this song and they are also seen executing a smooth performance.

The video exudes a delicate yet intimidating environment, for example when their skin-tight suits switching to a royal setting. They play hard to get in the lyrics, attracting the boy in and then pulling away. With tempting sentences like “Do you want me tonight? / You want me tonight / Then try to steal my heart“, they pull away with, “I almost gave into you this time / But no, nothing from me“. The women are able to show an unfaltering chic charm that makes for an empowering video for anyone looking to be more confident.

Check out Black Swan’s debut ‘Tonight‘ here –


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